Plagiarism is wrong by all means. One can never find a way to justify this act. Even today, many websites steal content from other site owners and display it as their own. By committing such an act, they are making their own lives miserable and business stressful. If you are someone who has copied content from other sources, you should know that you have done harm to yourself.

Can Free Plagiarism Checker Tools Help Web Owners?

Plagiarized content does not add any value to your website. Thanks to plagiarism checker tools that have helped to streamline businesses. These plagiarism detectors are effective tools that ensure the writer’s unique content is retained.

Online plagiarism checker tools can help online business owners in two ways. First, these programs help to eradicate any similar text from your writing and ensure you publish unique content on your website. On the other hand, website owners who have tons of already published content in the form of blogs, articles, or web content can have their text checked regularly. This way, they can ensure that their content has not been stolen or used by someone else.

How Does Plagiarized Content Impact The SEO of The Business?

Content is an intellectual property of the website owner or a writer, and by no means can you steal their content. You will eventually start losing visitors when they fail to see fresh, authentic, and original content on the website.

All in the eyes of Google, when you copy the content, they find you guilty with no room for any excuse. Plagiarism is a serious problem nowadays, and these problems are often seen in low-cost websites. You put yourself in a self-defeating situation when you copy content. Even a minor plagiarized text violates and breaks SEO’s good practices

So, How Does Plagiarized Content Affect Your Website?

Your customers will eventually find out: For how long you will use someone else’s text? You cannot stick around with this practice for long. Your customers and visitors will one day figure out that you have nothing original and creative in your writings.

The best way you can come up with content that attracts, holds, and instigates your customers is by using a free plagiarism checker tool. The tool gives you a complete insight into how well your content will perform on the internet. The more unique your content is, the more are the chances that your customers will be attracted to your website.

Search Engines do not like plagiarized content: Imagine spending your fortune on a business, working hard on SEO strategies to get to the top of search engine results, and not being able to make it despite the efforts just because of plagiarized content. How does that feel? Not great, right? Why let this situation ever come into your life in the first place?

Search engines can be cruel when they find out that you have been using someone else’s content on your website. You may escape the first few times, but not always. Once Google has identified you as a plagiarist, your efforts may go down the drain, and so does your rating on search engines.

A free plagiarism checker tool can save you from all this embarrassment. Make these tools, your best friend if you are running an online business.

Businesses may face legal actions by original owners: Having been caught plagiarizing content can land you in trouble. There are strict laws in some countries that protect authors. Original writers or owners of writings can sue plagiarists easily. Also, there are some platforms where one can lodge complaints when they find their content being misused.

When you use a free plagiarism checker, you save yourself from potential legal actions and ensure your content is free from all forms of duplication.

How to fix plagiarized content?

A free plagiarism checker is the only answer to your duplication related problems. You can fix plagiarized content by simply passing it through an online plagiarism detector. Without this tool, it would become impossible to detect copied text. This is because one may duplicate both intentionally and unintentionally. Hence, a plagiarism identifier should always be by your side.

Which ones are the best? You must be wondering, right? Let’s review the best free plagiarism checker tools that you can try out.


The online plagiarism checker by SearchEngineReports is an incredible online tool that is available in many languages. You may check plagiarism by both including a URL or excluding certain URLs. This free plagiarism checker site takes good care of your confidential data, and user’s privacy is their top priority.


SmallSEOTools is a website owners’ favorite plagiarism checker. The plagiarism tool lets you scan direct web pages as well. This saves you an immense amount of time. Furthermore, the scanning process is straight forward. You copy and paste the text and just press, ‘Check Plagiarism.’


Duplichecker is another fantastic free plagiarism checker you can get your hands on. You can check up to 1,000 words using this tool. However, most of the programs only allow 500 words at a time.

Final Lines

Piracy in content is just like a virus in a computer that can harm the credibility of writers and websites. You can avoid plagiarism in content by using an effective similarity finder without making any hard efforts. The discussed tools can be utilized for finding plagiarism in the content within a flash of an eye.