Using the wrong brush – and heaven forbid, using your fingers – to apply make-up won’t exactly ruin a product. However, using high quality, well-crafted brushes can take your beauty routine application to new heights. With even coverage, excellent blurring and blending effects, and the right sizes for the right jobs, a great brush set will feature your make-up routine’s star players.

It can be confusing at first glance what each brush is for, and further, knowing exactly how to use each one. Let’s review which essential brushes come in a high-end set and how to best use them for a flawless and glowing finish.

As an example, we’ll look at the IT Cosmetics’ Heavenly Luxe Must Haves brush set, by the makers of some truly fantastic beauty products you will love ranging from make-up to skincare.

This limited edition five-piece set has the right tools needed for the face and eyes and comes with a protective travel case, so versatile make-up application is easy to take with you. It’s always handy to have all the brushes you need for each role instead of trying to use one or two for multiple, not ideal purposes. The brushes are non-shedding, ultra-plush, award-winning, and deliver an ‘airbrushed’ look. Plus, the set is cruelty-free, which feels even better!

Brush types and uses are as follows:

Flawless Foundation Brush: use circular motions to apply your liquid, cream, or powder foundation. Blend an even layer of foundation all over the face in this manner. You can build layers for more full coverage, but if you use a concealer and a powder, one thinner, even layer is sufficient. Foundation should be applied before concealer, because if you do it the other way around, the foundation application – especially a liquid or cream one – will wipe and smudge the concealer away.

Flawless Concealer Brush: next, use small, circular motions to apply powder, liquid, or cream concealers. Imperfections are best covered with a smooth and buffed application, so the concealer is effectively hidden. Use a concealer that matches your skin tone and foundation: if you go too light or dark, the layer will be visible under certain (or all) types of light. You can use the brush to layer concealer but be careful to not apply too much or it will also look obvious.

Flawless Powder Brush: if you use a concealer, it’s best to follow with a powder to help set the look and hide any slight edges or difference in product shades. A finishing powder applied with a brush can also enhance that airbrushed and blurred effect. Sweep the powder gently over the skin once foundation and concealer have dried. Apply powder to the neck and collarbone to even the skin tone throughout.

Flawless Blush Brush: apply powder blushes on your cheekbones / the apples of your cheeks with circular motions. A blush and this style of brush can also be used to contour.

Flawless All-Over Shadow & Liner Brush: this implement has dual-use ends for separate purposes. Use the rounded end to blend powder or cream shadows and the angled end for liner application using feathery painting strokes.

With the right brush set, you’ll boost the quality of your overall look and make the most of your suite of make-up products, too!