It can be exhilarating to become intimate with someone new. Whether you’ve been together for a few years or it’s a one-night stand with someone brand new, there are some steps you should take to make sure you stay safe. If you’re planning to get intimate with someone new, you need to put safety first at all times. Make sure you take these steps to do just that.

Use Condoms

This should be a pretty obvious step for anyone who wants to practice safe sex. Condoms are an important part of safe sex, especially if you want to avoid pregnancy. With plenty of brands out there, you should never feel like condoms are holding you back in the bedroom.

At some point, you may want to pursue pregnancy or try out sex without a condom. However, if you’re going to do that, you need to make sure you’re taking safety steps in other areas. Either way, when you’re first getting intimate, condoms can be an important step.

Get Tested

Although this is most important if you’ve previously had intimate partners, you should get tested even if you’ve never had a sexual encounter before. There are many different types of infections and diseases you can transmit to someone through a sexual encounter, and you may get some of them from other sources as well.

Of course, this is also an extremely important step if you’re interested in sex without a condom. You want to reduce your risk of sexually transmitted infections, and getting tested for existing ones is the first step in that. Make sure you trust your partner when your partner tells you they’re clean; you don’t want to assume you’re safe, only to find out otherwise down the line.

Talk Frankly About Everything Before You Try It

Having a frank discussion can be an extremely important part of safe sex. Although you may not think of it as part of safe sex, it’s important that you both know what you like and dislike. The only way to get that concept across is to sit down and have a conversation about sex before you actually have sex.

Although the concept of “hard limits” and “soft limits” tends to come up more commonly in discussions surrounding kink and BDSM, it’s actually an important concept for any intimate relationship. Even if you’re not engaging in any kinky play, there may still be some things you’re uncomfortable with your partner pursuing. Make that extremely obvious from the beginning to avoid any miscommunication.

Buy New Toys

If you still have adult toys you used with a previous partner, you should toss those toys when you start with a new partner. Although that old partner may not have passed anything on to you, it’s still an important element of hygiene that you should pay attention to. You shouldn’t use toys between partners, whether you’re with multiple people at once or with two people at separate times.

Your best bet is always to buy new toys when you get a new partner. With new toys, you know there’s no possibility of passing anything on, even if you didn’t know it. Plus, purchasing new toys gives you the opportunity to try out something brand new. You never know what kind of interesting innovations the adult toy community’s come up with since you purchased toys last. HUSTLER® Hollywood has everything you need to kickstart that discovery.


It’s possible to be safe with a brand new intimate partner. You just need to make sure you’re actively thinking about safety, not just hoping you’ll be safe without paying attention to safety concerns. When you pay attention to safety by using these tips, it’s more likely that your new sexual escapades will be truly enjoyable. After all, isn’t that the goal?