This has been a tough year, but it has also been successful! You have taken control of parts of your life that seemed to be slipping away from you. It is important to keep that momentum going into the winter months. Don’t let the temperature change and the earlier sunset times deter you from getting after your goals! You have the abilities to conquer what you set your mind to, don’t forget that! But, if you need some motivation or a few extra tips, we are here to help with just a few basics to keep you on track during this winter season!

Keep reading to learn the best tips that will keep you happier and healthier.

Boost Your Immune System

Your immune health is vital every day of the year, but especially during the winter. There are more germs, your defense gets lowered, and you are at risk for more winter-borne illnesses! An EpiCor supplement from Objective Wellness is a great way to make sure your immunity is the strongest it can be. EpiCor is extracted from a yeast, and provides you will beta glucan which will help to promote peak immune function. The supplement is also packed with Vitamin C and D3. Those help to maintain and support your immune system. Though those last two are found in your food or you get it from the sun, it is important to supplement those to keep your immunity in top shape!

Take Some Time for Yourself

It is no surprise that you are strapped for time, especially with the holidays coming up. By taking time for yourself, you can make sure others are getting the best you possible. Taking yourself on a mini vacay might be good for your mind and soul. Booking through Airbnb is an affordable way to see a new place, or get in a good staycation. It is vital to your health and happiness to make sure that you are getting out of your normal spaces, especially since your home has recently become your office, school, gym, movie theatre, and restaurant.

Eat Well-Balanced Snacks

If you need a healthy snack to keep you away from that leftover Halloween candy and the upcoming holiday treats, Perfect Bars are there for you. They are packed with all the proper ingredients to make sure you stay well-fed during winter. Their bars are full of over 20 organic superfoods. They offer a dose of vitamin and mineral-dense nutrition with their superfood blend. Not only that, but they are Non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher. They will help to satisfy your snacking wants, while satisfying your nutrition needs. And of course, keeping you healthy and happy!

Cover Your Head

Ok, we may sound like your grandparents on this one, but when the weather changes, it is important to make sure you cover your head, and stay warm. A beanie and gloves set from The North Face will help to make sure your body maintains a proper temperature even in the harshest of winters. The North Face has been synonymous with well-made since 1966, and there is no stopping them when it comes to preserving the outdoors and inspiring global exploration. They work toward always making high-quality products that will last a lifetime, and that help you look good at the same time.

See Those You Care About

We know that with everything happening in the world this year, it may be hard to see your loved ones, but with technological advancements, it is easy to see everyone, no matter the time zone, no matter the pandemic. Plus, you won’t be the only one to benefit from this. It will be good for your family to see you, hear your voice, and hear about how you are doing. Planning video dates with your loved ones will give you all something to look forward to. You can play games together, share a meal, or even watch movies with one another. This will surely help you to be happy this season! Maybe you can all exchange healthy recipes too, that way your weekly video chats provide you with the health and happiness the season requires!


The world can be a very stressful place – especially while a global pandemic is happening! But, by incorporating the tips in this article, you can become happier and healthier.