Many women love to take sexy photos for their partner. Keep reading for how to find the best boudoir photographer for you.

You don’t need an occasion to celebrate your fabulousness, but a boudoir photo shoot is an awfully good way to start. This is your time to feel your most beautiful, which is why it’s important to know what to look for in a photographer.

There is no boudoir photographer that’s perfect, but you can find the perfect photographer for YOU!

Read Reviews

One of the first places you can start when looking for a boudoir photographer is reviews from previous clients. Whether you rely on Google or even their Facebook page, you’ll find honest feedback from people who have had the experience before you.

Consider what’s most important to you and look for reviews that focus on that. For instance, looking for someone who delivered even more beautiful images than imagined? Or created a comfortable space where they could be themselves?

Many websites will also feature testimonials from previous clients which is a great way to get a real and honest opinion about what you can expect.

Do Your Research

You don’t have to arrive at your boudoir session with a lifetime of knowledge, but it is to your benefit to educate yourself ahead of time. Google is a great place to start. Look for photographers in your area who have a professional website and specialize in boudoir photography. This will also allow you to narrow your search based on your budget.

While you’re checking out their website, be sure to focus on blog posts as well as featured images. While anyone can pick out a handful of photos that blow you away, it takes a lot of talent to be consistently amazing. You’ll get a feel for how each session went with previous clients and the variety of services they offer.

Ask the Right Questions

There are a lot of questions to be asked ahead of time when planning for your boudoir shoot. First things first, you want to make sure you feel comfortable with your photographer.

An initial phone call, followed up with an in-person meeting will allow you both to create a relationship prior to the photoshoot. This is also a great time to discuss your vision for these photos, whether they include your favorite lingerie or are nude pics.

Understand up front how long the turn around time is for you to receive your photos. After all, you want to make sure they’re delivered on time!

Make sure you know exactly what’s included. For instance, do they have someone doing hair and makeup? Do they have a studio space or will a hotel room be an additional charge?

Before you agree to work with a particular photographer, know exactly what you’re getting out of it so you aren’t surprised in the end.

Finding Your Perfect Boudoir Photographer

No matter the occasion, a boudoir shoot is all about highlighting and celebrating the beauty that makes you, you in the most romantic way. Finding a boudoir photographer that brings out the confidence in you is sure to result in memories that are picture worthy.

Your boudoir photo shoot is your time to shine. Read more about how to feel and look your best from start to finish!