Finding your optimal dosage of CBD oil can be tricky. Don’t worry, we’ve got a guide just to help you out.

CBD oil has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason.

Although we don’t know everything about the effects of CBD oil, we do know that there are some issues it may help with. We also know that the FDA has approved a medication to help with seizures that contains CBD oil in it.

But if you’re a total CBD oil newbie, you’ll quickly find that there usually isn’t a definite dosage amount given to you when you purchase your oil. So how do you know the appropriate dosage of CBD oil?

This post has a few handy tips to help you figure it out for optimal health.

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Can You Overdose on CBD Oil?

The very first thing you may want to know before starting your CBD journey is if you can overdose on CBD oil. Sure, you can overdose on vitamins, supplements, and even Tylenol, so there must be a maximum amount of CBD oil one can take?

However, this actually isn’t the case. There are no recorded instances of anyone overdosing on CBD oil, meaning that even if you take way too much, you’ll still be fine.

Did you accidentally eat the entire bag of CBD gummies? Don’t worry, you’ll still be around in the morning and won’t have adverse side effects.

Start with a Low Dose

If you’re new to CBD oil, or you’re new to the type of CBD oil, start with as low of a dose as possible. This is because you’ll want to see where your body holds tolerance, and if the CBD oil you’re taking is enough.

While you can’t overdose on CBD oil, you may feel a bit funny if you do take more than the recommended amount. This is especially the case if you’re taking CBD oil that contains THC.

You rule of thumb should be to start low and then gradually build as needed. 

Go with the Recommended Dose

To get the lowest dose possible, go with the recommended dose. Each company will have a different recommended dose, and some may tell you not to exceed a certain amount in a day. Nothing disastrous will happen to you if you do exceed the amount, but you may feel off.

Taking too much CBD oil may also be plain unnecessary. With some CBD oils being relatively expensive, you’ll blow through it so fast that you won’t even have time to see the benefits.

For example, Kloris 1000mg CBD oil‘s website states that you should put 2-5 drops under your tongue to start. This doesn’t mean 2-5 droppers full, but to fill the dropper and drop 2-5 drops under your tongue.

The Dosage Will Depend on How You Take It

The recommended dosages may seem different depending on how you’re administering the CBD oil. That’s to be expected. The CBD oil you put on your skin will call for a different amount to the CBD oil you put under your tongue to the CBD oil you eat in an edible.

Take the CBD Oil Correctly

If you don’t take the CBD oil correctly, you may find that you think it doesn’t work. In this case, you may then decide to take more than necessary, which will just deplete your resources.

As we’ve emphasized, you cannot overdose on it, but you can run out much more quickly than necessary.

If you take the CBD oil under your tongue, hold it under it for a good 60 seconds before you swallow. This will allow the CBD oil some time to dissolve and for your bloodstream to absorb it.

Depending on how you take the CBD oil and in which form, you’ll also need to be sure you’re taking it the right way. Ingesting it via edibles is self-explanatory, as is smoking it or putting it on your skin or with patches.

Still, it is important to read the instructions thoroughly to get the full effect.

Give the CBD Oil Time to Work

In addition to taking the CBD oil correctly, you’ll need to give it time to work in order to determine if you’ve taken the correct dose. Don’t take it and assume you’ll feel a change immediately. Depending on how you take the CBD oil, it can take several minutes to several hours to begin taking effect.

Give the CBD oil time to get into your bloodstream before you take another dose. If you don’t feel anything after the recommended amount of time, then try another hit.

Experiment with Dosage of CBD Oil

Using the guidelines of the specific CBD oil product, experiment with the dosage. It may take you some time to find the right balance that is perfect for you. What worked for a friend of yours may not be the same dosage that is perfect for you. Instead, you’ll need to be patient and ensure that you allow the CBD oil time to work.

It is also important that you realize CBD oil is not a miracle drug. Finding the dosage of CBD oil will not magically make all of your pain go away, but it can definitely help.

It is imperative that when you take CBD oil, you have realistic expectations about how well the oil can work and what it can do for you.

Be patient and don’t down the whole bottle at once or eat all of your edible.

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