We shouldn’t have to go far to travel to our happy place. Learn how to create a tranquil bedroom sanctuary that will make you want a full-time staycation.

When you walk into your bedroom, you should feel the comfort of the room wrapping itself around you. Does your room do that? Or do you feel anxious because of a messy or unorganized space?

With some simple decisions and some daily choices, you can create a bedroom that is truly your room full of comfort and calm. 

Consider this list of ideas to make a bedroom sanctuary you can’t wait to get to at the end of a busy day.

Decide How to Use Your Bedroom

To create a bedroom sanctuary, first, you need to decide how you want to use your bedroom. In many new construction homes, bedrooms are suites that can be used as places for relaxation, workouts or even a little work. 

Of course, you want a bedroom for the best sleeping. Consider if you need to use the room for other purposes too.

  • Do you want to watch TV in your room?
  • Do you want to have a workout area? Treadmill?
  • Do you want a desk area?

Experts over and over will encourage you to limit the amount of technology allowed in your bedroom. To get the peaceful bedroom of your dreams, consider limiting the technology allowed in your bedroom space.

Choose Color for Calm

There is no doubt that color can affect your mood. If you want to make your bedroom a sanctuary, choosing color carefully is a must. 

There a variety of ways to handle color in your bedroom. Color can frame the room with the color on the walls.

Bedding, window treatments, furniture or even floor coverings are also ways to add color. You might even decide to use one color in a variety of shades in the different layers of your room. 

Consider each of these when deciding how to make your room cozy. Choose calming colors. Avoid dark colors or bright colors for optimal coziness.

Bed and Linens

In a bedroom, your bed should be the star of the show. If you don’t have a great bed, your room will never achieve sanctuary status. Make sure you have a mattress that offers both comfort and optimal sleep. 

Then think about dressing your bed like putting together an outfit by adding in layers. Start with high-quality sheets that are soft and make you never want to climb out of bed. 

Choose pillows for sleep, but also for propping you up when you get engrossed in that good book. Do you want other pillows for decorative purposes? Think of those pillows like accessories in on a fabulous outfit.

Other cozy room ideas for your bed include layering the comforter or duvet. Add an extra throw across the foot of your bed for those inevitable Sunday afternoon naps. 

Rugs and Headboards

Just like dressing your bed with linens, rugs and a headboard help to dress the room. These two items might seem indulgent on the budget, but they help to create a bedroom that is both put together and a  true sanctuary. 

A headboard for your bed dressed with all those beautiful linens makes it feel special. It can also create a focal point in your room. 

Just like layering linens on your bed, layering them on the floor adds a level of coziness and comfort. Consider a rug in your room for when your toes hit the floor in the morning. This is also a nice way to add color and warmth to a room. 

Dress Your Windows

Having a room filled with light in the daytime is lovely but that’s not the case for sleeping time. That’s why paying attention to your windows is so important. 

Consider if you need window coverings to block light or for privacy. To create a real bedroom sanctuary also considering dressing your windows like your bed and floor.

Adding window treatments to your windows helps to wrap the space in comfort. It gives the room a finished look that will ultimately create the sanctuary you are striving for. Start first with what you need to block light or give you privacy, then add draperies for the extra layer of window dressing.

Bedside Scene

You know what happens to your nightstand if you’re not careful. There’s the pile of books you hope to read. Add a few bottles of water or lotions. The remotes and chargers start to take over. 

None of those things lend themselves to the calm and peaceful bedroom of your dreams. This is why choosing the right furniture that goes next to your bed is so important. 

Things to consider:

  • Do you need storage next to the bed?
  • What height do you want your bedside table to be?
  • Do you need room for lighting?

Ultimately choose bedside tables that offer you places to put things away and get rid of the clutter. Allow yourself room for a bedside lamp. Consider adding those calming things like a candle, one nice framed photo or fresh flowers.

Lighting With Intention

Lighting in your bedroom should be considered the same way the other features of your room should. Use lighting in layers to best meet your needs and create the feeling of a bedroom sanctuary. Consider both task lighting and ambient lighting for both function and mood.

Only having bedside lamps will likely not be enough for your room. In the same way, only using overhead lighting from the ceiling is a bad choice. Consider layering your lighting depending on the needs of your room. 

Put nice lamps next to each side of the bed. If you have a dressing area or desk area, add lighting there too. If you have a low dresser adding light here will give you light in a variety of points in the room.

Soothing Scents and the Calming Effects of Plants

Consider those little extras that will really make for your room feel cozy and comfortable.

You might think I kill everything I try to grow. Give it another try. Look for plants that are easy to grow that work with your lighting and space. Greenery adds a layer of finish to any room and they also release fresh oxygen into the space. 

Add scented candles or aromatherapy devices to give your bedroom a fresh smell. The calming scents can lower stress levels. The ambient lighting from candles also adds to your sanctuary. 

If you are nervous about having candles burning, consider using battery operated ones. Many are very realistic looking and also come with timers. They offer subtle lighting and mood without any of the worries of an actual flame. 

Create a Bedroom Sanctuary in Your Home

Make your bedroom into a place that wraps you in comfort the second you enter it.  Consider using one (or more) of these ideas to create the perfect bedroom sanctuary. 

Want more ideas for how to make your home happy and comfortable? Check out our blog for more great inspiration for your home.