If you are looking for a natural supplement for your furry buddy, then this article was written with you in mind. Whether you already used CBD oil from a reputable pet hemp company or are a first-timer, you have to know some important things regarding CBD and dogs in general.

Today, most pet owners choose cannabidiol over other remedies because of its advantages over conventional medicines. First of all, they have potential health benefits in mind. Some of the possible ailments treated with CBD include cancer, epilepsy, depression, glaucoma, inflammation, chronic pain, migraine, urinary tract infection, tremors, and many more.

Next, CBD happens to be much safer for administration than many of its chemical-based counterparts. Plus, it’s less costly and may actually be less risky for pets in the long run. That sounds great, but it is a great responsibility for the owners to find a quality product that will provide all these benefits to their four-legged friends.

Why CBD Oil?

First and foremost, you should know that there are many different hemp-based products on the market. Which one do you need for your furry buddy? That will depend on factors like age, health condition, specific illness you want to treat, etc.

You can find all types of treats, tinctures, topicals, chewable, and many other hemp-based products for dogs. But CBD oil happens to be a universal product applicable to pups of all ages and breeds.

You should always do research on the ingredients of the products to make sure they don’t have anything to do with or trigger the adverse effects on your pet. Many of the most popular CBD oils are derived from organic and bio-active plants and even include herbal extracts.

Look for Trusted Brands

As the pet CBD market has a high potential, many different brands of hemp-based products for dogs appeared. That can trigger a lot of confusion, especially if you didn’t use these products so far. You must know that your goal is to find a reputable manufacturer and quality oil that will only be good for your beloved pet.

So, you have to get to work. When you purchase CBD oil for dogs, always make sure that it comes from a reputable pet food company. You might opt to order them online or buy at the local pet shop, but you have to always check the manufacturer.

It will be a good idea to opt for a manufacturer who has been in business for at least five years. For these brands, you can always find reviews, testimonials, and experiences of other buyers. New manufacturers might offer great products, but they haven’t yet succeeded in proving themselves. For the sake of your pup’s health, don’t risk with unknown brands, but always go with trusted ones.

Trustworthy companies follow strict guidelines when it comes to the extraction and concentration of herbal ingredients. Only the best raw materials go into making these powerful pet remedies. Their oils undergo a series of tests and procedures to prove their safety. These are done in third-party labs, and these reports should be available to buyers. See this link to learn how this testing works.

Read Labels

You might think this is obvious, but reading labels might be a lifesaver. Just like with human supplements, not all CBD oils for dogs have the same quality and effectiveness. Always take time to check the composition of each product you’re interested in.

Make sure you understand what is in the CBD oil and how it will affect your dog’s health. Start by talking to your vet about this type of supplementation for your pup. They should answer any questions or doubts you have about the effects of CBD on your pet’s health. An excellent place to get more information is a holistic center or any local dispensary.

Only plants of the purest composition and highest quality are used for obtaining CBD. That’s something that should be indicated on the label. If there’s no land of origin on the package, that might be suspicious. You should always know where the product comes from to be aware of possible contaminants and harmful substances found in it.

Make sure to always find out vital information like the amount of cannabidiol, THC, and other cannabinoids, etc. THC is a no-no for dogs, so there shouldn’t be any in oils you plan to give to your pup. Also, some products may contain synthetic or GMO ingredients that could affect your pet in negative ways. Avoid products with artificial flavors and additives.

Know the Dosage

CBD edibles

Like with most drugs, some dosages can harm your pets while others are safe for them. Keep in mind that the effects of CBD are not immediate. It takes time for the substance to reach the dog’s bloodstream and ECS. With CBD oils, that will happen relatively fast. But don’t give your pup more than they need, as a higher dosage won’t have a faster or more potent effect.

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You must know how much CBD your dog needs before you look for the best CBD oil. It’s always a better solution to start with a few drops and a smaller dosage. That way, you can monitor cannabidiol’s action and the dog’s behavior. If you notice anything strange, cut the CBD oil and talk to your vet.

In any case, you should inform a vet about the supplements you give to your pup. CBD is a safe, natural remedy, but vets know how it will act with some other ingredients or conventional drugs. They would determine an appropriate dosage based on your pet’s weight, age, and other factors.

To keep your dog healthy and in the best condition, make sure you have them regularly examined by their vets. Discuss the appropriate dosage of CBD to be given to your canine friend. This supplement can be a great addition to everyday nutrition for healthy pups. It can also benefit sick or aging dogs, as it will ease symptoms of many diseases.