Edibles, pipes, and pens, oh my!

Today, you can do a lot more than just smoke marijuana. Now, marijuana enthusiasts can enjoy eating edibles, drinking pot elixirs, and even rubbing marijuana-infused lotions in their skin.

Yet, while the marijuana industry is moving forward, some of the laws surrounding the legalization aren’t evolving with the times. Cannabis lovers facing drug screens find themselves having to ask, “how long does marijuana stay in your system?”.

Sadly, for some pot partakers, the marijuana chemicals stay in their system just long enough to make life difficult. A recent study of 10 million marijuana drug tests, shows a major increase in workers losing their jobs because of positive test results. People just like you, are being let go, or never get hired, all because they have cannabis in their system.

Don’t let yourself be one of the unfortunate ones. Read on to find out everything you need to know about marijuana drug screens.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

How long does marijuana stay in your system? That will highly depend on the type of person you are. Your body size, smoking habits, and lifestyle habits will all impact the length of time marijuana stays in your system.

Before we dive too far into the factors that affect marijuana tests, let’s first discuss how marijuana chemicals appear in your body. The name of the chemical in marijuana that gives users feelings of euphoria is “tetrahydrocannabinol” or THC.

THC and Smoking Marijuana

When you smoke marijuana, THC chemicals move through your lungs and into your bloodstream. Once in your bloodstream, your blood will carry the THC chemicals to your brain. As you’re approaching your drug test, keep in mind that there’s most likely THC present throughout your entire body.

THC and Edibles

When you eat or drink THC the absorption rate slows down quite a bit. Now, instead of THC instantly distributing through your bloodstream, there’s a delay. Depending on the quantity you consume, edibles tend to cause less THC to be present in your bloodstream.

Urinalysis Tests

Some of the other names you might hear this test call include; cannabinoid screen, marijuana screen, and urine analysis. One advantage of urinalysis is how easy they are to manipulate. Saliva tests, hair tests, and blood tests don’t involve any privacy, making it harder for the test taker to create a false negative.

Urinalysis on the other hand usually provides the test taker with a moment of privacy in the bathroom. Test takers can plan ahead and use useful test aides to take advantage of their private bathroom moment. 

Of course, another option is to make sure your system is completely clean so you can pass the test by yourself. If you prefer to go solo, you’ll need to know a little more about how a urinalysis works and what your drug detection window looks like.

What Urine Tests Look For

Ultimately, the goal of this test is to detect if there’s any THC present in the urine. These tests are incredibly accurate. Not only can a urine test detect THC, but they can also pinpoint the presence of metabolites.

Metabolites are chemicals that are present in marijuana, similar to THC. The main difference is that while THC is the main active ingredient, metabolites are less prevalent.

Urine Detection Window

Employers love urine analysis tests is because they are accurate and have a wide detection window. The detection window for urine screens is quite large because of the way the THC and metabolites are present throughout your entire body. Even inactive metabolites end up leaving your body through your urine.

Heavy Marijuana User Detection Window

Heavy marijuana users are going to have the largest drug detection window. Studies show that the typical detection time in urine for marijuana is 2-7 days for a one time use and 1-2 months for prolonged usage.

Yet, the reality is, you can’t rely on studies to determine your detection window. While some individuals will have a clean system after 20-30 days, others will still have THC present as long as 90 days after use or longer. It depends on how long you’ve been using, and what your lifestyle is like.

Light Marijuana User Detection Window

Typically light marijuana users will have a completely clean system after only 3-7 days. Yet, just to play it safe, we recommend allotting a full 21 days for your detection window.

Spit Analysis

When you smoke marijuana, tons of THC molecules enter your mouth. While some of the THC molecules go into your lungs and bloodstream, many others never leave your mouth.

For this reason, your oral cavity is usually a prime place to find THC chemicals. Police officers are popular for using saliva tests because of their ability to detect recent marijuana use.

Saliva Detection Window

You’ll be happy to know that the detection window is much smaller for spit tests. Also, the detection window is more definite, meaning almost every type of smoker can count on a 24-hour detection window.

While there are plenty of THC molecules present in your mouth, they will only be there for a maximum of 24-36 hours. Labs can usually have the results finished in less than 24 hours if the screen comes back as negative.

Tips for Testing Day

Now you know, there’s no one easy answer to the question, “how long does marijuana stay in your system?”. How you use marijuana, when you use, how much you use it, and more, will all play a part in your ability to pass your test.

Before the testing day, make sure you clearly understand what type of screening you’ll be submitting to. There’s nothing worse than gearing up for a urine screen, only to find out its a hair test.

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