In the summer of 2018, the USA Swimming Foundation reported at least 148 children younger than 15 years of age died from drowning in swimming and spa pools. Surprisingly enough, this statistic is representing a nine percent drop from 2017. Pool contractors, landscapers, and law makers are enforcing pool safety regulations to further protect commercial and residential owners. Many states have regulated pool safety into law to better safeguard commercial space. For private owners and states that don’t regulate pool safety, insurance companies and pool contractors implement their own strategies to keep children safe. 

But what are those strategies? The best strategies in child drowning is glass pool fencing, a glass railing system, and secure child-proof gates. 

Why Glass Pool Fencing is More Efficient

Pool fencing is required for all commercial pools and general public pools. If there isn’t any state or municipality legislation, pool contractors enforce pool safety rules during installation. The classic, metal fences are reliable structures, but glass panel pool fences are consistently transparent. Glass pool fencing is made of thick glass panels. Surface clamps and core clamps lock them in place, creating a fencing structure. This will ensure parents, lifeguards, and other pool administrators have a clear view of a swimming pool or spa pool. Due to the glass pool fence design, most of the panels are climb resistant. 

Take Protection a Step Further with Frameless Glass Railing

Glass railing systems are more durable. They’re complemented with aluminum or stainless-steel railings and surface (or core) stanchions, which guard against strong winds. These reinforced structures can further protect children from entering a pool unattended. Because of the height and slippery texture of the glass, young children won’t be able to climb into a pool area. 

Secure Pool Areas with a Glass Gate

For commercial or public spaces, most swimming and spa pools have a fencing area that has an entrance. Homeowners should adopt this method as well. Child-proof pool gates can further secure a child’s safety. Like the glass pool fence, always use a glass pool gate to know what’s going on. Explore different options and go with a glass gate that gives you reassurance. 

Be Proactive Regarding Safety

If you’re installing a swimming or spa pool, take all necessary precautions to ensure safety. Pool construction contractors are adamant on safety. They’re standards fall in line with law makers, insurance companies, and pool safety experts.