Okay queens: it’s time to focus on something we all know we could use a little work on. Fitness can be one of the most challenging goals to keep on top of. It always seems to fall behind other priorities, like absolutely killing it at your career, staying above all the drama in your friend group, and dealing with the emotional labor your deadbeat boyfriend is always creating for you. 

This time is different though. It’s time to take life by the reigns and get serious about your fitness routine. We’ll walk you through the essential steps that girl bosses take to stay on track with their fitness goals, so in addition to crushing your goals in other areas, you can add fitness to the list. 

Set up your routine

If you get up in the morning with the general goal to just “work out,” you’re probably not going to get very far. It’s hard to get serious without serious direction, and having a reliable workout routine is an important way to make sure you aren’t lacking the direction you need.

The right routine should include a mix of cardio and weight lifting. Your body type, fitness goals, and personal preference will decide how you balance it out. If you’re a natural runner, maybe devote 3 days a week to going for longer runs, then spent 2 or 3 days doing light weight lifting.

If you’re a body-building queen, you won’t want cardio to cut down on your gains too much. Throw in a bit of yoga, jumping jacks, and a quick run to keep yourself balanced, then focus on blasting out reps and smashing your lifting targets. Just be sure you keep your schedule the same each week: consistency is key. 

Get the right gear

Sometimes, the right mindset can require the right gear. Fake it ‘til you make it, am I right ladies? The right-fitting workout shirt, a properly sized pair of trainers, or even an energizing neon headband can be the thing that gets you pumped in the morning before you start your workout. 

For a boss babe on a budget, though, gear can be a little pricey all at once. Start with the most important things first: if you’re a runner, you’ll prioritize finding a running shoes sale and picking up the perfect pair. If you’re into lifting, buying a gym membership or at-home weight rack is probably your first big ticket purchase. The price may be steep, but the rewards are sweet: sometimes, it’s okay to put yourself first and prioritize fitness. 

Get your girl gang in on it

Misery loves company, and some workouts can be absolutely agonizing. That’s why it’s better to have some of your best gal pals along for the ride when you commit to a workout routine. Plus, having your friends by your side will help you feel more motivated and accountable. Find a schedule that works for all of you – maybe early mornings before work – and meet up to work out together! 

Whether that means going for a group run, spotting each other at the gym, or getting your yoga flow on together, you’ll be glad to have your friends there. 


Remember: abs are made in the kitchen

The next most important part of reaching your fitness goals is having the right diet. As they say, abs are made in the kitchen, and so is all sort of other definition. The most hardcore workout routine in the world won’t get you any close to your fitness goals if you’re eating potato chips and cheese for every meal. A balanced diet should include these items:

  • Plenty of fresh vegetables, including leafy greens and crunchy colors
  • Clean protein, like fish, tofu, beans, or plant-based protein
  • Moderate portions of healthy carbs from whole-grain breads and pasta
  • Just enough sodium for the idealized amount of hydration
  • Moderate alcohol and caffeine intake
  • At least a liter of water a day – hydration is queen!

Not only will a healthy diet help you reach your fitness goals faster, you’ll feel great too. 

Take a break

Lastly, all girl bosses need to remember that absolutely demolishing your fitness (and other) goals means that you deserve a break. Don’t succumb to burnout overworking yourself at your job and at the gym. It’s important to have a rest day once or twice a week, and be sure you allow your body time to heal and grow. You’ll hit your goals in no time.