There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a breakout year for online gaming as it surpassed other forms of entertainment by a country mile.

This growth is only set to continue with analysts predicting a 10% uptick by 2025, which could even be considered a conservative number.

Here we explore exactly how gaming has taken over the realm of online mobile entertainment and how it will continue to grow and prosper in the future.

Staying Agile on Mobile Has Kept Games on Trend

For a long time, technological hang ups, as well as the belief that people only wanted to play games on big screens, held developers and publishers back from making much headway in the mobile device space.

However, with a new generation of mobile phones and as much power locked within their casing as in a console or PC, the rules have changed. Now there are many countries where mobile gamers outnumber those who still choose to play on more traditional static systems.

Computing power aside, the other thing that has made mobile gaming popular is the pace at which major gaming titles have transitioned onto mobile. Currently, some companies even specialize in what is known as “porting” console and PC games over onto mobile. This, in turn, has led to the development of mobile apps and clients that run games just as well as their original counterparts, with major players in the online gaming space such as Steam, PokerStars, and Google all ensuring their games can be played and accessed with ease on all Android and iOS devices.

With the mobile gaming trend set to continue, it may well soon be the case that mobile games start to outsell and supersede those of PCs and consoles.

PS4 Remote
Gaming consoles continue to sell relatively well but their time at the top may be coming to an end

Cloud and Streaming Services Provide Value and Choice

Cloud and streaming tech has long been in use to distribute products such as television series, movies, and music, but for one reason or another it has taken games a little while longer to get on dedicated platforms.

The main reason for this delay is that many modern games require huge levels of memory space so that players do not experience lag or slow loading speeds.

Finally, though, it appears as though these issues are being ironed out, with players now able to access huge libraries of games from places such as Google’s Stadia, and Steam. It means that rather than buying your mobile gamer friend another console for their birthday or Christmas, an online gaming pass could be a better option instead.

This is because such platforms are currently in the middle of trying to convert as many players as possible and in so doing are giving away some incredible introductory offers.

Often Cheaper to Play on Mobile Than Anywhere Else

While cloud and streaming platforms are keeping things nice and thrifty for their customers, mobile gamers are also cashing in on the fact that many top mobile titles are far cheaper than their PC or console counterparts.

The amazing thing is that this applies to some of the world’s most popular gaming franchises such as PUBG, which is free to play on mobile and yet costs money to play on other platforms, as well as Call of Duty Mobile and DOTA Underlords.

Gizmos that Turn an Average Phone into a Gaming Centre

While most people who play games on their mobile devices tend to simply use the regular buttons and touch screen commands that come as standard, there are now a growing number of players who beef up their phone with gaming gizmos.

These range from trigger buttons to fully fledged controllers which connect to your phone, meaning that wherever you are during the day, you can quickly jump into a high intensity game and have full confidence in your controls. And these are only a couple of reasons why mobile gaming comes to dominate the current online entertainment market.