If there is knowledge in the world, it stems from the universal mind. The endless storage of the world is in your mind. The knowledge and awareness are reliant on how clean you are (the cleanliness of the prophet).

In case you remove all your ignorance or reduced energy or a thin layer of substance through meditation, you can experience the true self. This way, you can know who you are and how you can control yourself. In Advaita Vedanta, the Brahman is everything, and in simple words, it is you.

Whatever You Think, You Create

In this concept of Advaita Vedanta, all that is there in the world is within you. You can experience the self-enlightenment and know the inner self through meditation. There are so many myths and superstitions out there that you stay engaged in them.

If you feel your happiness depends on the world, a thing, or anyone else, then you are far away from your inner enlightenment. You have wholeness at this moment, and you can attain it only if you understand it.

When you do meditation, you start thinking about a single thing. All the other things, the environment, and the surroundings go in the background. Once you keep yourself away from the outer world and dig deeper into yourself, you get enlightened about yourself.

Only the Strong Can Perform

If you are strong, you can perform Advaita. You must perform Advaita without any expectation and without the feeling of attaining anything. Once you start practising it without any expectations, you can achieve the best.

You do not need to be born in any specific spiritual family to practice Advaita. All you need is strong will power. The unawareness will disappear eventually, and you understand that you were always the pure endless (Atma) soul or God without beginning, without end, and immortal.

Remove Your Ignorance

Ignorance is something that can make you live in duality and makes you believe that the other individual is different than you. But in the truth, all is the self (Brahman or Infinite Soul).  

Doctors, sinner, saint, professionals; everyone is the one, and nobody is different. It doesn’t matter who you are by profession, you are a Brahman, and you can attain inner enlightenment. Once you take steps to know more about your inner self, you would get closer to enlightenment.

What Do You Learn by Advaita?

Advaita Vedanta teaches you that you do not need to even go out of yourself to understand the truth. All the future and all the past are here in the present. Nobody ever witnessed the past. Did anyone of you witness the past? When you feel that you know the past, you imagine it in your mind.  

Talking about the future, it is something that you would bring in the present. Again, everything is in the present, and nothing is elsewhere. Whatever you can be or you are; is here and now. Once you practice this concept through meditation or other similar ways, you attain self-enlightenment.

When you do meditation, try to feel that you have all the power at the moment. You think you would achieve this in the future but never realise that you can achieve everything now at this moment.

All that can be or is, you can attain it in this present moment. Once you practice Advaita, you get the inner realisation and enlightenment that would set you free.  

As per Advaita (Non-dualist) thought, the fourfold discipline that you should practice are:


Right discrimination between non-eternal and eternal, the real and the unreal, is essential. You can attain it only through proper reflection and study.


Right calmness and indifference to the unreal and transitory also matter. It includes renouncing all motivation to relish the result of an action, both in the present and hereafter.


It means the right to conduct. It can contain peacefulness of mind, self-restraint, tolerance, and so on. 

You can attain it all with practice, patience, and persistence.


It means the right aspiration.  It is made up of earnestness to know the final Principle and thereby to accomplish Liberation from suffering now and future rebirth. It would come when one dedicates one’s whole life to this single aim.

Once you properly practice meditation, you would accomplish the ultimate enlightenment. Meditation and other practices can help you get wisdom by realising the Advaita. Gradually, you would feel free, and nothing would affect you once you have attained self-realisation.

Hence, you can practice Advaita Vedanta with meditation and your strong will. If you genuinely are passionate about knowing the real self, the inner truth, you can attain it.