Accidents are unfortunate incidents that happen unexpectedly and can cause damage or injury. Some accidents happen by chance or are caused by someone else’s negligence, such as careless driving or co-workers leaving the floor wet, causing you to slip. After such an incident, you should first seek medical attention then later deal with the medical bills.

Medical expenses can be overwhelming, especially when you require lifelong medical treatment. They can hinder your recovery process due to the stress you might experience. With the bills piling up, confusion tends to get the better of you. You may wonder whether to contact your insurance company or the other person’s insurance company and claim compensation. It is essential to consult with your Louisville personal injury lawyer before making a decision.

The following tips will help you get your medical expenses paid after an accident.

Use Your Personal Health Insurance

Using your health insurance can help you get your bill paid faster. This enables you to get your recovery process in progress. Using your insurance coverage does not result in extra charges, but the insurance company will most definitely want their money back. You may wonder why you have to pay them back, even though you pay your monthly premiums. The reason behind the reimbursement is because the injuries incurred were caused by a third party who is accountable for paying the damages.

The person liable for the accident is not entitled to pay for your medical bills on an ongoing basis. You may have to go through trial, and if you win, you can agree on the value of the injuries. Once the settlement is made, the defendant will compensate you for all the damages incurred. With the compensation, you will be able to pay back your health insurance company.

Use Your Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Personal injury protection, commonly referred to as PIP, is coverage included in your auto insurance policy. It is required by law on all functional vehicles. It covers all medical bills that are a result of a car accident, up to the limit of the policy.

The payout will come from your own insurance company, even if you’re not at fault. Later, the initial bills will be reimbursed by the insurance of the person at fault. This enables one to get medical attention without worrying about who will be responsible for the bill.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer May Help Delay Billing

If the bills pile up and you are unable to pay, you can talk to your personal injury lawyer. Your attorney may contact the medical center and negotiate a deferment for paying your medical bills until after your claim has settled.

The lawyer will make sure all the medical bills are included in the claim so that the responsible party compensates you for every cent used. This will give you the peace of mind you require when recovering. It will also help you avoid the penalty that comes with delayed billings and harassing phone calls from the medical center.

If the medical center declines the contingency payment, you will be forced to look elsewhere. Your personal injury lawyer can search for available options, such as litigation funding. This type of litigation funding will provide loans that will help you pay medical expenses. Once your case is finalized, you will pay them back.


There are various ways of funding your medical expenses if involved in an accident. Legal advice is essential when deciding the most convenient one to follow. These guides will give you knowledge on how to get your bills paid to avoid getting low credit ratings, which may cause you financial problems in the future.