There is a misconception that weed is harmless. However, while most people smoke weed and stop whenever they want, some can’t help themselves. Once they start smoking it, they can’t stop it. According to the National Drug Institute, about 30% of marijuana users are likely to suffer from a weed-induced disorder. For those people who start smoking pot before the age of 18, there is a high likelihood of developing a weed disorder, but this is minimal with adult users.

Withdrawal symptoms due to weed dependence

A majority of the disorders brought about by marijuana revolve around dependence. The user will experience some intense withdrawal symptoms whenever they stop using it. These symptoms include irritability, poor appetite, sleeplessness, and restlessness. The symptoms can go on for one to two weeks. Weed dependence is a result of the brain getting used to a significant amount of THC, the intoxicating compound in cannabis plants. As a result, the brain’s sensitivity to its endocannabinoid transmitters decreases.

Weed use translates into an addiction when a person can no longer function normally without using it. Usually, one will lack the motivation for engaging in daily activities without using weed. And even though most people can enjoy marijuana without problems, some become addicted to a point where they need help.

Using nicotine to ease weed cravings

If you are heavily dependent on weed and want to stop this habit, nicotine can help. How? One of the reasons why people can’t stop smoking marijuana is cravings. No matter how hard you try, the cravings keep pulling you back. You can beat the withdrawal symptoms by feeding your cravings with nicotine. Instead of smoking a joint when you feel like it, turn to a cigarette, and preferably an e-cigarette because it is safer. This is especially helpful if you are not into cigarette smoking.

Since the strong weed appetite can be slowed down by using nicotine, it is worth trying it. Smoking cigarettes or vaping nicotine may aid relaxation. And if you get agitated when you go for a long time without smoking a joint, you can instead consume some nicotine. Once the nicotine stops the weed cravings, you will feel much more relaxed. This will delay your next joint. The ultimate objective is to reduce your weed intake and eventually bring it into a halt.

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Cannabis replacement therapy

Substituting weed with nicotine is a cannabis replacement therapy that has shown tremendous potential for some weed enthusiasts, and it has been effective in some cases. It may not be part of the mainstream treatment for weed disorders, but you can try it. Provided that you are not a frequent cigarette smoker, you have a chance to reduce or stop weed cravings.

Weed is seen as a recreational substance by most users. It makes them feel good. The problem is that weed can become addictive. It can enslave you, and it will take lots of willpower to beat the addiction. Fortunately, nicotine can be used as a treatment for disorders caused by weed.