Some women want the prim and proper bachelorette party– complete with the tiara, matching dresses and high heels – and you certainly can’t fault them. After all, just like the actual wedding itself, the bachelorette party is an event that a lot of women have dreamt about since they were girls. But increasingly, you’re starting to see brides that want to buck the trend, women who are saying ‘no thanks’ to the old style of bachelorette party, and ‘hello’ to a new kind of fun.

Why should men get all the fun activities? They shouldn’t. One great example is axe throwing, a relatively recent phenomenon in the world of rec activities, and one that’s catching on as a bachelorette party. Instead of the matching dresses, attendees wear matching flannels and jeans. Instead of the high heels, it’s work boots. And instead of a tiara, it’s a big, sharp-edged axe.

There are a few reasons axe throwing is awesome for bachelorette parties– it allows everyone to show off their fierce side; it lets the bride release a little bit of that pre-wedding stress; and it serves as a bit of a pre-partying workout, to offset the cocktail calories later in the night. In short, it’s the perfect all-around bachelorette activity.

When you plan a bachelorette party, you have to consider the photo opportunities. If you’re not “doing if for the Gram”, you’re at least doing it so that you have some memory of the night. Axe throwing lets you and all the women at the party look their fiercest, making for a picture perfect night. Pose with your axes in the middle or get some action shots of the bride ripping into the wooden target. If it helps, she can even picture the target as one of her exes!

Another key criteria for a bachelorette party is that it shouldn’t addany stress to the bride’s already stressful schedule. In fact, it should reduce stress. Axe throwing lets the bride – as well as the bridal party – get out any pent up stress or anger. Throwing an axe into a wooden target can be surprisingly therapeutic.

Finally, for a night that – let’s face it – is probably going to include more than the daily recommended units of alcohol, as well as a few regrettable late night snacks, starting the night off with something physical is a great way to offset the calories. You won’t notice that you’re getting a workout, because you will be having so much fun, but your body will certainly notice.

Finally, and most importantly, axe throwing is just plain fun, in a way that’s normally been reserved for the guys. It is a silly, cool, badass experience. You might go in worried that you won’t be any good, but in all likelihood, you will leave with a whole new level of confidence and energy.

Swanky, posh bachelorette parties will always have their place, but for a more daring, modern and fun bachelorette approach, go with axe throwing. Show the world that your squad is not to be messed with!