For anyone who works in a high pressure environment or in a high powered job it is absolutely essential that they are able to find ways in which to relax and to unwind. My boss Girish Kumar Navani and he most certainly falls into this category within his role as CEO of a software engineering company. With tough to meet deadlines, the pressure of the business on his shoulders and a workforce looking to him for inspiration, it is clear that Girish Kumar Navani and people just like hime find ways in which they can relax.


The importance of relaxation cannot be overstated and when you fail to relax the consequences can be very damaging. Inability to relax means that your stress levels will rise and this will begin to affect performance. Organizational skills and focus can go out of the window when you are unable to relax which is why it is vital to stay loose and find the way for you to calm down and learn to take some time out.


Sometimes Girish isn’t able to leave the office to do some of the things which he normally does to relax which is why he has found meditation to be a great tool. We have several quiet areas in the office which you can disappear to for some meditation time and Girish will spend around an hour per day in there, taking some time out for himself. Meditation is something that I have also used myself to relax and just 10 or 15 minutes per day can leave you relaxed and refreshed with a clearer mind and lower stress levels.


Girish, for as long as I have known him visits the gym every single morning without fail and he often remarks that without it he wouldn’t be able to remain focused and loose for work. Exercise is a known stress beater and relaxation method which releases dopamine around your body, the chemical which makes the body feel good. Exercise, even just a light 30 minutes each day, can greatly help towards keeping you more relaxed and in good shape too! Something which Girish also does when things get on top of him is to go to the gym below the office and spend 30 minutes punching the hell out of a punchbag, instant release for any stress which you may have.

Family Time

The number one thing which relaxes Girish is when he gets to spend time with his family and this is very notable after a long weekend or some vacation time which he has taken. Spending time with your kids in particular can really help you to relax about things at work because they remind you of what is really important and what is not. Family time is medicine which a doctor cannot prescribe and it is time which is essential to helping you remain relaxed and focused, just like Girish.

How do you try to relax?