Trying to think of a good gift idea for someone.  Are they obsessed with a sports team or a specific sport? Just by knowing their favorite team there are so many different gift ideas you could do. Whether it is for your friend, brother, son, dad, husband, they would appreciate all of these!

1. Tickets to a Game

Surprise them with tickets to a game! This is something that the two of you could enjoy together.  If you search online, you can always find good deals to these events. You don’t have to go crazy and get the best seats either, it’s all about the experience and the fact that you get to enjoy it together will be special.  This is a memory you would have forever together. You can check the schedule online, and even make a trip out of it! Travel to another state to support his favorite team!

2. Jersey

Score big with purchasing them a jersey.  Guys can never have enough jerseys, even for the same team.  Try and find out their favorite players so you can choose those.  You could pair this with the tickets to the game and make it a little package! You can always find jerseys at stadiums and what not but those are quite pricey sometimes. There are a lot of sites out there that make jerseys too inexpensively.  So do a little research and you can find the perfect one!

3. Custom Phone Case

Customize a phone case with their favorite team’s logo.  At GoCustomized you can choose to make your own phone case exactly how you want it.  First you choose the case type, so you need to know what kind of phone they have.  Then you can choose the color of the case. Next you upload your image or logo. Their customizer is simple to use and prints out in great quality. You can also make your own custom phone cases at

4. Tickets to a Meet and Greet

A lot of athletes hold conferences where they will sign your poster, picture or jersey.  Unfortunately you have to purchase tickets for most of these. If person is obsessed with one specific athlete, this would be such a cool surprise.  This idea requires a lot of research and might be a little harder, but would be awesome if you could pull it off.

5. Custom Pillows

Does your son have a sports themed room?  At GoCustomized you can customize your own pillow.  Choose your favorite team or player, and print it on one, or a few pillows!  They’re stylish and cozy. This pillow would add the perfect touch to the room.  Their customizer allows you to make your own and preview it so you can ensure it’s exactly how you want it.  Make your own custom pillows!

Hopefully this has inspired you for some gift ideas!  There are so many ways you can get creative and surprise someone some kind of sports gift.  They will be happy that you took the time and put effort into their gift!”