There are definitely some lawyers out there that you’d never want to be across the aisle from. Read on to learn about the greatest lawyers of all time.

We’ve all seen Law and Order. We’re all fascinated by the eloquence and intellect that go into fighting a courtroom battle. Can you imagine standing trial while one of the greats was trying to put you behind bars? No thanks. 

Read on to learn about the 7 greatest lawyers of all time. It’ll teach you to stay out of trouble!

Note: This list is highly subjective. There are many factors that go into determining the quality of an attorney. 

7. Joe Jamail 

The richest attorney on this list. Nicknamed the “King of Torts”, Jamail was involved in numerous high profile cases that he profited greatly from. Most notably, his representation of Pennzoil vs. Texaco in which he won a contingency fee of $335 million. He also successfully took on General Motors and Honda. Big names, big numbers, Jamail fits the profile of a big whig attorney. 

6. Thurgood Marshall 

Marshall was known for many things, including being the first African American Supreme Court Justice. However, people may overlook the fact that he was responsible for some of the most influential civil rights cases ever.

Thurgood’s most notable victory came from Brown v. Board of Education, which ruled that segregation was unconstitutional. Marshall argued that equality was impossible without integration. 

5. Cicero

Though Cicero wore many hats, he is perhaps the most influential attorney on this list. Often referred to as the master of Latin prose, Cicero is responsible for many of today’s modern political approaches to law.

The founding fathers of the United States and The French Revolution both drew heavily from his stances on political theory and law. Along with Aristotle, he is considered the father of law.  

4. Johnny Cochrane 

Perhaps the most high profile lawyer of our times, Cochrane was most notably involved in the defense of O.J. Simpson against charges that he murdered his wife. He was the lead criminal lawyer on a star-studded team of defense attorneys.

However, Simpson wasn’t the only high profile case that Cochrane tried. he also defended other famous African Americans such as P. Diddy and Tupac Shakur. He was a fervent social activist against the police brutality and racial profiling that was a hot button issue in the 1990s. 

3. John Adams 

One of the founding fathers, Adams is best known for his work on the American Constitution.

He also wrote extensively on policy leading up to the Revolutionary War under the hilarious pseudonym, ‘Humphrey Ploughjogger’. He fervently opposed The Stamp Act and was a member of the First Continental Congress. 

2. Mary Jo White

The first and only woman United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. White has enjoyed an illustrious career fighting many high-profile cases. Among her most notable cases were the prosecution of the terrorists involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and the prosecution of gangster Jon Gotti. 

1. Abraham Lincoln 

A man that needs no introduction. But here we go anyway. Lincoln was an expert orator and a fantastic trial attorney. Aside from the profound effect he had on modern American law, he was also brilliant in the courtroom. 

His most notable victory was in defense of William “Duff” Armstrong, who he got acquitted by discrediting an eyewitness’s testimony. 

Greatest Lawyers of All Time 

The list of greatest lawyers of all time will be debated for as long as laws exist. Though there are many extraordinary historical characters absent from this list, these five attorneys had profound influences on the world of law around them. 

There is no doubt they are some of the greatest lawyers of all time.