Riding your motorcycle is thrilling, but have you ever wondered how you can upgrade your experience to get even more fun out of your rides? There’s plenty out there to take your bike to the next level without breaking the bank. Plus, adding new dimensions to your hobby can only make you love riding your motorcycle even more. From apparel and helmets to the latest technology, here are some goodies and gadgets that every motorcycle rider must have.

Racing Gear to Get Your Blood Pumping

Look no further than the motocross gear by Fox Racing if you’re on the hunt for adrenaline-pumping style and functionality. Fox Racing’s goggles come in six exciting colors and offer a large view port that won’t inhibit your field of vision. They’re also UV protected, so you can ride in confidence. The Dirtpaw Race Gloves are another great example of how Fox Racing expertly balances function and fashion, too. These gloves offer neoprene cuffs and knuckle coverage for comfort as well as a silicone finger tips that assist with gripping your motorcycle’s levers and throttles. When you want to look like a racer to ride like a racer, you can’t go wrong with the gear from Fox Racing.

Get a Tank Bag for Convenience

Tired of wearing a backpack when you ride, only to have its straps dig into your shoulders uncomfortably on long trips? If so, you need to get yourself a magnetic tank bag. These bags attach to your bike’s tank, keeping them hands-free and out of the way. In addition to making the most of the space your fuel tank takes up, tank bags typically have features like helmet cradles and expandable storage, so that you can keep your gear in one place. Some even convert into backpacks, letting you take your stuff on the go, rather than leave it attached to your motorcycle unattended.

Use Your Phone for GPS with a Hands-free Mount

Hands-free phone mounts are a must if you use your smartphone for GPS navigation while riding. Many riders have dropped their phones during a ride and have had to invest in an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S9 repair. With bases and mounts that allow you to securely attach your iPhone or Android to any handlebar, you’ll be able to use your phone without worrying about it falling off in the middle of a ride again. Thanks to phone cradles that include device tethers for use outdoors, you can be sure your phone is locked in place for you to enjoy your ride and use your phone with confidence.

Transform Your Helmet Into a Speaker for Long Rides

If you spend a lot of time on your motorcycle, one thing you have to invest in is a motorcycle helmet speaker. These systems combine built-in, high-definition speakers with Bluetooth technology to offer you unparalleled audio quality when riding. Far better than traditional headphones, some systems even attach to the outside of your helmet to use its shape and materials to create resonances and transfer sound directly to your ears! Plus, if you ride with friends often, many helmet speakers also feature intercom functionality, allowing for communication between parties while on the road. Whether you ride solo or in a group, you won’t regret purchasing a helmet speaker for your motorcycle.

While there’s plenty to love about riding your motorcycle on the open road, there are many gadgets and accessories that can help take your passion for motorcycling to the next level of enjoyment. Tech like helmet speakers and phone mounts, and accessories like tank bags and racing gloves all have a role to play in improving your ride.