Greta Van Fleet is a breath of fresh air in the rock world. They are young guys who love old rock and roll, and they have been compared to a band like Led Zeppelin. They are going on a South American tour where they will appear with hall of fame bands like Metallica. This is the perfect tour for someone who loves the band, and there are a few tips below that will help die-hard fans attend a few concerts during the tour.

Who Is Greta Van Fleet?

Greta Van Fleet is a rock band made up of young guys who love old rock and roll. They like the sound and the feel of the late 60s and early 70s as characterized by Led Zeppelin. They play in the style of old bands that people find refreshing, and they have already won a Grammy for best rock album for From The Fires. Plus, the band is catching the attention of big bands like Metallica. This level of attention has brought them to South America for the next leg of their tour.

Where Are They Going?

Greta Van Fleet is going to Argentina, Brazil, and Chile on their South American tour. They have tour dates in Provedencia, Chile, Córdoba, Argentina, and four dates in Brazil. They will visit São Paulo, Porte Alegre, Curitiba, and Belo Horizonte in Brazil. These dates cover the last half of April 2020, and these dates will bring the band to South American fans who have not yet had a chance to see the group.

How Can Fans Go On A Trip To South America To See Their Favorite Band?

Die-hard fans of the band might want to start saving and collecting money for their trip. Fundraising often helps fans collect money when they want to take a trip to South America. You could set up a fundraiser online that includes money transfer options, and you can use virtual payment services that allow people to put money in your bank account.

You could set up a special collection that is not paid out until you reach your goal, and you should list the tour dates you want to see. You can follow your favorite band around South America, and you will have an adventure that is unique to you and your friends.

What If You Send Your Kids To These Tour Dates?

When you are sending your kids to dates on this tour, you can send them money while they are on the trip. You can use money transfers to send extra cash to their bank accounts, or you might transfer money to a local office where your kids can pick up the cash. You might send your spouse on a trip to South America with their friends to see the band, and you can transfer money down to Argentina, Brazil, or Chile during the tour.

Receiving a money transfer is possible at every office or bank that is authorized to receive funds in South America. You may need to do a lot of research ahead of the trip to find the local transfer offices in tour locations like Córdoba, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Porte Alegre, Curitiba, and Providencia. This makes it easier for you to send your kids money when they need it.

Additionally, you should find all the embassy and consulate locations near these concert dates. You want to know where you can go if you lose your passport, or you can create a map of each city that includes all the most important locations.


When you are in love with Greta Van Fleet, you might plan to go to as many of their tour dates as possible. You might have adult children who want to go to the South American tour dates that were just announced for April 2020, and you need to create a plan for that trip. You can start an online fundraiser where people can send a money transfer to help pay for tickets and travel. Plus, you can send money transfers to South America if your child is on their trip. People who need a bit of extra cash can get a money transfer in all the cities on Greta Van Fleet’s tour, and they can buy more merchandise, have fun, and travel safely.