It is an established fact that exercise is essential for stable health, however, not many people subscribe to the package. This is mainly as a result of ignorance as to the impact of exercise in a person’s life. People all over the world have shared stories of how exercise have helped them conquer diverse life threatening challenges, including depression, alcoholism and even physical attacks.  Here are some of the success stories, perhaps they would inspire you to build yourself too.


24-year-old Rose is a fitness pro who lives alone in a Cincinnati sublevel apartment, Ohio, USA. She is five foot eight and 145 pounds. She woke up one night and found a man squatting on her floor. Instead of panicking and screaming as most people in her position would, she pounced on the intruder, punched his face and pinned him to the ground. Katy punched the man out of her apartment and called the police on him. The next morning, the police estimated the guy to be six foot one and 185 pounds. Now, this would be an unlikely feat for someone who is not fit. Katy credited the outcome to CROSFIT, a workout program she engages in. For Katy, exercise does not only build the body, it builds the mind.


Ben’s story is a lesson to everybody out there who still underestimates the art of fitness. Ben was an alcoholic. He started drinking at age 13. His marriage and business suffered as a result. In 2005, Ben made a life changing decision to lift weights instead of bottles. He took it step by step, never in a hurry. He says at first, it was difficult for body building to fill the void left by alcohol, but somehow, he stuck to his routine and never wavered. It finally paid off in 2010 when he won the 2010 Body Space Spokes model contest. Today, Ben has featured in countless fitness magazines, the weight of alcohol has been lifted off his marriage and business too.


Maki had been diagnosed of lung cancer and placed on chemotherapy. She was told the size of the tumor was too large and so could not be surgically removed. However, this did not stop Maki who was determined to stay strong from working out. At first, Maki and her husband took short walks around the hospital. When she regained strength, they ran three miles daily. After four months, she was told the tumor had shriveled to about one centimeter and could now be surgically removed. After the operation, Maki went home in four days. Her doctor credited this feat to her wonderful physical condition. Maki went on to finish a sprint triathlon in Ithaca, New York, under two hours.

There are many success stories out there to inspire the aspiring fitness pro to action. One recurring theme in all of these stories is that fitness does not only build bodies, it also saves lives.