Someone once said “who and what a person is within is a lot of vital that what he wears outside.” Whoever said it never realized how these words would be prophetic and take an all new meaning in the twenty first century.

Even as the range of men’s underwear may not be as extensive as compared to women’s underwear, but the number and variety of styles for men of styles to choose from has been increasing rapidly.  Now men have more choices and these have their own specific features, fabrics and designs. Men’s tastes are quickly closing this gap between men and women.

History of boxer briefs

Designer boxer briefs became very popular in the 1970s and 80s as labels like Calvin Klein began to transform men’s drawers from something that remained hidden under their pants into the sort of fashion and lifestyle choices, they could show off in a bad music video. Cuts have become and fitter and some underwear designs became flashy, outrageous and even funny.

Underwear buying habit becomes an indicator of the nation’s economic pulse

Although there haven’t been many big designer boxer breakthroughs since the introduction of boxer briefs in the early 1990s, designer boxer briefs found their way onto the financial pages in early 2008.

That’s when former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan announced that the state of the men’s designer boxer briefs industry is an important indicator of how robust the economy is. The logic Greenspan expressed regarding underwear was both simple and brilliant.

Most guys have a drawer full of utterly ugly and badly conditioned underwear that they’ll wear until the elastic is dead and the boxers are filled with holes. Since coworkers and friends typically do not see a guy’s underclothing, commutation these hidden undergarments usually feel like a discretionary purchase for men.  

As such, when men start fearing the economy is in a downturn and need a place to save a little cash, they simply stop replenishing their underwear drawer with fresh Jockeys. Sounds reasonable enough, right? Sure enough, when the economy started to tail off in 2008, annual men’s designer sales dropped by 12 percent.

Advantages of designer boxer briefs

Considering they’re the first item of clothing that men get into every day of their life, briefs and underpants are most likely the last item in their wardrobes that men put time into finding more about. However, it’s worth doing so – getting the right pair of designer boxer briefs not only means you feel better the whole day.  It will also mean that your clothes will look better and improve your overall look. It will really be worth the time and money to do so.

Here is some information for buying designer underpants.

Be honest with yourself.  Your underwear is what you wear closest to your skin so when it does not make you feel good then it’s time to make changes.

There are very strong indications that you might be wearing the wrong size altogether. If the leg bands are hurting and making red marks into your thighs, you’re probably wearing something that is a size too small. If your waistband keeps falling under your trousers every time you move, you are either wearing a size too big or the waistband has totally become worn out.