Driving around a new city is exciting but not when you’re next vacay is listed as one of the worst roads in the world. See if your next trip made the list.

The Dalton Highway in Alaska has the distinct claim to fame as the longest stretch of road without any roadside services of any kind. This may not sound daunting until you realize that is 414 miles of icy highway where temperatures regularly hit 82 or below. 

While the Dalton is mostly used for transport to and from the Alaska Pipeline, it is still considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Curious what other routes across the world will have you risking your life? 

Keep reading for a list of the worst roads in the world. 

North Yungas Highway in Bolivia 

You can easily see why this is one of the most dangerous roads in the world as you drive it. If you are brave enough, take a glance down at the steep drop down the mountainside. There you will see countless makeshift memorials honoring those who lost their lives while traversing this mountainside road. 

What’s more mind-boggling is that it was once the only route to the capital of Bolivia. Thankfully a new and safer highway has been built. This doesn’t stop the locals from careening down this dirt road clinging to the side of the mountain. 

Sadly, 200 to 300 people pass away while driving this road each year. 

Atlantic Road in Norway 

The pictures of this road may make it look picturesque. However, don’t be fooled; this road has twists, turns, and sharp curves. When you combine that with the notoriously bad weather of Norway, you have a dangerous drive on your hands. 

Then if that wasn’t bad enough, there are huge thundering waves that easily come crashing over the barriers. Let’s also not forget about the sudden occurrences of no visibility. 

BR-116 in Brazil 

So far, all of the dangerous roads we have mentioned are risky because of the weather or other natural topography. This isn’t what makes the BR-116 in Brazil dangerous. 

The locals call this road “Rodovia de Morte”, which means Highway of Death. This is due to the poor maintenance or the road and the bandits and gangs that have stationed up along the road. 

You are also at high risk for a car accident while driving on this road. This road has the highest concentration of large trucks. When you pair that with the unstable weather and poor road conditions, you have a perfect recipe for accidents. 

Le Passage du Gois in France 

How about driving on a road that is only open a few hours a day? This road in France is so dangerous that authorities only open it up for a few hours each day. This is because, at any other time, it is underwater. 

Because of the water element, there are no guardrails, so you’ll need to be constantly vigilant while driving across. This is made more precarious by the slippery surface of the road. 

Thankfully, the road is a short 2.5 miles, so you only have a short distance of white knuckling before you can breathe easy again. 

Will You Drive the Worst Roads in the World?

There are two types of people, those who want to test their skills on the worst roads in the world, and those who want to avoid them. Which one are you? 

If you do decide to brave these heart-stopping and stomach-churning roads, we recommend you have some good insurance in place before you go! 

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