So? Who wants to immerse oneself in the unfathomable abundance of love, peace, warmth, magic and intimate culture? Costa Rica is in every sense a must have in all yearly bucket lists. If destinations could be packaged and bought online, Costa Rica could be an essential ‘add to cart’ for every buyer.

Its palpable and divine beauty can surely be felt in its all-inclusive resorts and other luxurious holiday destinations. For a peek of their proposed all-inclusive holiday centers, click here.

Climate Inclusivity

The sun and the beach are an unbreakable dichotomy in most parts of Costa Rica. With the weather considered as mild here, the sun breaks from the sky every morning to meet its partner, the beach, making it a preferred destination locale for most tourists wanting to indulge in a variety of outdoor plays. Its proximity to the equator makes it an impossibility to experience harsh low degrees and promotes a favorable habitat for a biologically rich and diverse country.

The climatic variations in Costa Rica also offer an assorted list of destinations linked to the activities one may wish to optimize on. From its low elevations in the hot and moist Caribbean coast and the hot and dry Pacific coast to higher elevations in its alpine mountains and its plentiful rainforests, Costa Rica boasts of an array of climates to comfortably slip in. However, these all-inclusive resorts are mainly on the coastal areas. Off-peak rates are usually offered during the rainy season thus making it affordable for tourists working on a lower budget.

Aquatic lovers are also in this inclusive cover owing to the marine riches in Costa Rica. Among the activities prevalent for marine goers include scuba diving, snorkeling, dolphin watch and tour to the terrestrial ecosystems that are delicately preserved.

Social-Cultural Inclusivity

The tasteful and vast ambiance of Costa Rica virtually makes it an ideal space for expats, honeymooners, families, researchers and many more that are unafraid to conquer virgin territories. Costa Ricans are language inclusive, mostly speaking English due to its long exposure to foreigners thus making it an incredible tourist destination. In most cases, one may need to ditch their map as the natives are very helpful and welcoming.

Costa Rica’s impeccable history and admirable culture are also among the things inclusive in their tourism bucket. Museums and art showcases are particularly inherent in San Jose. Music and theater are also a backbone of the riches of this Caribbean country. Its land is also embedded with exquisite historical landmarks such as the Our Lady of Angels Basilica, Guayabo National Park and monument, Ecological Sanctuary, Santa Elena Skywalk among many more.

If you are looking for some adrenaline jet, mountain hiking, canopy zip lining, and waterfall hiking are just but a sneak into the endless fun one can engage in. Polished surfers find Costa Rica to be the ultimate surfing destination. Amateur surfing is also included in this fun with the availability of beginner areas such as Tamarindo.

Costa Rican food basically lights up one’s taste buds and welcomes them to an unforgettable taste of the love and warmth served with the food.

One of the mantras of Costa Rica is to live a pure life hence making it an ideal place for people looking to reinvent, enlighten and rediscover themselves. It is a harbor for those who plan on invigorating their mind body and soul through indulgence in some fun loving activities, rest and good food. Life in Costa Rica is slow and worry-free so don’t get feisty when your cab driver comes in some minutes late and still affords to smile at you.