The year is drawing to an end very soon and many are already in the midst of their holiday planning. These days early birds get to enjoy good flight fare if they book early. For those seasoned holiday makers, they know that if they can confirmed and booked their flights early, they get to enjoy cheaper rate compared to those who book their fare much later or nearer to their date of flight.

These days Dubai has become one of the top tourist destinations and many tourists from all over the world have visited Dubai. Dubai received millions of tourists yearly. Those that visited Dubai also include those who are overnight travellers due to their flight arrangement but mostly were tourists who planned to visit Dubai as their holiday destination. If you are planning a short holiday in Dubai, make sure to book early to enjoy cheap flight to Dubai.

Besides getting to enjoy cheap flight, those who planned their holiday early also get to enjoy cheaper rates when they make their booking with the hotel in Dubai. For those who choose to join guided tours, they need not have to worry about flight and hotel bookings because the tour company will take care of everything for them. But for those who choose to free and easy on their own, these are the people who need to do their homework and plan everything ahead of their holiday such as booking of flights and hotels in Dubai.

Once flights and hotels booking have been done, there are other things that you will have to take care of. Whatever country you plan to visit, it is good to read up and get as much information as possible about the place, their culture, food, and etc. so that you will not have a cultural shock or be taken off guard when you reach the place.

Dubai is one place where shoppers flog to because you can get good bargain for gold, silver, and other jewelleries from Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and other surrounding states. Visitors get to enjoy a safe and wonderful experience of shopping for gold without fear of being robbed at the Souk.