The COVID-19 pandemic has meant people need to socially distance themselves from each other to stay safe. However, doing so means we may be sacrificing other things. For many people, they were having sex less often than before.

If you find yourself in a relationship now that COVID-19 is less severe, but you notice your significant other is disinterested in time in the bedroom, you may want some tips for good sex.

So, what are the best sex tips for men? You’ve come to the right place. Pull a chair up but don’t sit back: you’ll need to take some notes on these 15 kinky sex tips.

1. All About That Mouth

It’s not all about that bass, although that can certainly set the mood. Have you considered the magical properties of using your mouth to pleasure someone?

If you’re a good partner, you already have. Here’s something new you can try, though: trace your partner’s body with your tongue and mouth. Trail kisses down their spine or torso.

They’ll be shivering with anticipation waiting for you to reach—well, you know where.

2. Communication Too

Use that mouth for communication first, though.

Consent is important for both you and your partner to have a good sexual experience together. There is no sex without consent: that is assault.

Beyond gaining consent, you and your partner can communicate throughout sex too. If one of you likes something that the other does, be vocal about that!

This helps you both build a further foundation and connection between one another. That is what makes partnerships work in the end.

3. Watch Porn for Fun, Not for Reality

The people in porn make sex look so erotic and thrilling. Sometimes, though, it is slower and more sensual than that. Oftentimes, porn also doesn’t show the wide array of bodies and bodily experiences you can have.

Try watching porn with your partner just to see what they like. However, be mindful that what you see in porn is a scaled-down version of what really happens in the bedroom.

Don’t shame each other for noises coming out of certain orifices: it happens, and it’s normal.

4. Make a Sex Plan

Are you and your partner in a rut because of the COVID-19 quarantine? Try planning for sex to help jumpstart it!

We know it doesn’t sound like the most romantic thing in the world. However, for some couples, looking forward to sex at a certain time can help them mentally prepare for when the moment arrives.

Obviously, if the time comes and one or neither of you want to have sex, respect those boundaries as well. We can’t always be prepared for how our bodies will feel, but setting a plan could help bring sexy time to fruition, especially if you’re in a rut.

5. Get Out of the Bedroom

Sometimes, it can be a little kinkier to bring sex out of the bedroom as well.

When it comes to kinky sex tips, this one is a good starter tip. You can keep it within your comfort zone (your home) before moving onto riskier areas. When you have sex outside of the bedroom, you may discover new positions and experiences with your partner as well.

When you’re stuck in a rut, performing the same moves, this can wear on a relationship. This tip is one way to spice it up without overdoing it.

6. Lubricate Yourselves

Liberate yourselves by using lubrication! No one’s body is perfect, and sometimes our bodies need a little extra help during sex. This is where lubrication comes in.

Sometimes, when you need a little extra help, don’t be ashamed to throw on some lube. Use it as a way to engage in foreplay before going “all the way.”

7. The Importance of Foreplay

You may have heard it before, but let it be reiterated here: foreplay is important for both you and your partner.

Not only is it pleasurable, but it acts as a build-up to release (or orgasm). Play with your partner’s sensual areas such as earlobes, their neck, the inside of their thighs, and more.

Keep building on your partner’s pleasure through the use of foreplay. If you forgo it, you are missing out on a fun way to get to know your partner more.

8. Try Edging Your Way to the Finish Line

You may wonder what edging is. Edging is a sexy way to try and last as long as you can while being stimulated. The best part is that you and your partner can turn this into a kind of game.

To try edging, train yourself to stop your orgasm once you get close to the climax. Then, build it back up again. These are the essentials of edging.

So instead of racing your way to the finish line, why not try edging your way there? Take a peek at this article for more on how to last longer.

9. Love Bites Everywhere!

You may kiss your partner and pleasure them sexually, but have you ever given them a small love bite? Also known as a hickey, you can suck and graze to your heart’s content.

Don’t just leave the love bite for the neck. Try other erogenous zones on the body as well.

10. Like a G-Spot… or Prostate

While orgasms can occur in a variety of ways, have you tried working toward a G-spot or prostate orgasm?

Orgasms don’t always occur for both partners, but helping your partner orgasm by way of their G-spot or prostate can help make their pleasure more intense.

There are more ways than simply having intercourse through penetration. You could also try sex toys.

11. Sex Toys in the Freezer

One of the best sex tips for men is to stop relying on yourselves for a bit: you can rely on sex toys as well to help your partner get off.

Try putting a dildo in the freezer for an extra chilly twist on a traditional flavor. You can even invest in a remote-controlled vibrator for surprise fun for you or your partner. Either way, it’s time to get creative.

Other than dildos or vibrators, you can also look into cock rings, butt plugs, or anal beads too for some different sensations.

12. Masturbate Together

Sometimes, you don’t even have to touch your partner for them to orgasm. In fact, they can touch themselves to completion.

If you and your partner aren’t up for sexual intercourse but are still in the mood, try masturbating in front of each other. You may be surprised at the amount of intimacy that can come from watching the other orgasm.

It’s a bit kinky too and might help put you both in the mood to pursue sexual intercourse (only after obtaining consent, of course!).

13. Practice Good Hygiene

A simple shower is not enough, boys. If you want tips for good sex, sometimes it starts by cleaning yourself before committing the act.

Get those hard-to-reach areas all sudsy. You never know what dirt or grime is collecting in areas you don’t normally see.

Before you have sex (and after!), you and your partner should both wash your hands. Any bacteria you carry on your hands from throughout the day shouldn’t end up near your or your partner’s genitals.

14. You Can Always Roleplay Together

If you and your partner are finding yourselves quite bored of your normal sex routine, you can do a complete 180 and try roleplaying together.

Whether it is nurse and patient or delivery person and customer, whatever you may choose, there are a variety of fun scenarios you and your partner can flesh out to shake things up a bit in the bedroom—or wherever you decide to get it on.

15. You Don’t Always Have to “Finish”

Men often think that they must “finish,” otherwise the sex wasn’t up to par. However, this is a common and dangerous misconception.

Sometimes, people can’t orgasm for many reasons. It may not be that the sex was bad or incomplete but just a random body reaction.

The most important part is to stay in tune with your and your partner’s needs while having sex. Communicate clearly, and don’t be afraid to stop even if you or your partner haven’t orgasmed yet.

You both may still feel a sense of intimacy with each other just from the foreplay.

15 Sex Tips for Men: Give Them a Try

There is nothing wrong with reevaluating your intercourse practices. Try one of these 15 sex tips for men today! Your partner will thank you as much as you thank yourself.

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