In order to really stand out from competing vendors at trade shows and industry events, you need more than just stunning visuals and compelling digital technology —however, these are also crucial elements to a successful display booth —but you will also need a team of engaging and charismatic brand ambassadors.

There is real value in humanizing your brand. These days, consumers expect empathy from businesses. They want to develop a relationship with your brand and they want to know that you’re making every effort to provide excellent customer service.

Brand ambassadors are marketing professionals who engage directly with attendees at events and trade shows. They provide live demonstrations and face-to-face interaction, and their ultimate goal is to turn attendees into qualified leads.

Applying expert sales experience and naturally charismatic personalities to their engagement tactics, ambassadors are your best event marketing tool. Before you begin to plan upcoming marketing strategies, take a look at the following brand ambassador marketing tips and consider why hiring a team of ambassadors will get you noticed at any event.   

They Humanize Your Brand

It can’t be emphasized enough: humanizing brands is integral to developing brand awareness and loyalty. Trade shows and industry events are the best places to demonstrate this with a team of professional brand ambassadors because they interact directly with attendees on the floor.

Brand ambassadors build authentic relationships with your target and potential audiences because they’re real people. They are less threatening than a business’ employer or even direct employees because there is less at stake. 

The right brand ambassador company will train their employees to research your company extensively long before the opening day of the event or trade show. This is so your team will be equipped to answer any question from attendees with confidence. 

Ambassadors demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for your brand and bring relatable human qualities through compelling engagement. 

They Provide Positive Word of Mouth   

Brand ambassadors already have a large online scope and professional connections to the marketing industry. Utilizing their help in creating awareness can be extremely beneficial.

While working at events, brand ambassadors are busy creating live social media content, enticing visitors to your trade show display booth with customized hashtags and content. Your target audience will increase and people from all over the event venue will want to check out all of the great products and services that you’re offering.

They Create Long-lasting Memories 

Brand ambassadors don’t just talk to event attendees; they interact with them by creating memorable experiences. They facilitate live product demonstrations, live contests that involve audience participation, and interactive photo booths and virtual reality (VR) games and activations

You want attendees to walk away from your booth feeling positive and happy. Personable and charming, brand ambassadors bring personality to your brand, and form memorable experiences between you and your target audience.

People want to talk to other human beings. Hearing information about products and services and learning what the benefits of those are from an engaging and real person cannot be beat. Hire your own team of ambassadors today!