Although there is still some prejudice about mens earrings, there are many adherents to this fashion. It gained prominence a few years ago and even today it is still the sensation. Like everything in the world of fashion, one year becomes a trend, while in another it goes unnoticed. Even so, since it was launched, the male earring has been gaining more and more followers. They are here to stay.

You can find this accessory in different sizes, models, colors, styles and materials. Everything to match your look and further enhance it.

Each type of earrings for men and how to wear them

Just as for women, for men there is also a wide variety of earrings, from the most discreet to the coolest. So, let’s get to know the most common ones:


The most popular earrings for men are of the silver hoop type. You can find it in several stores, with prices varying according to the model and size. Large models are for more daring men. Some earrings are so small that they are sometimes even imperceptible. This model suits the male audience a lot and can be used according to your style. You have the option of placing it on just one or both ears. This decision is up to you. The hoop earring works for both older men and younger men, making the look more interesting and different.

Black stone

The black stone men’s earrings give a great highlight to the look and combine with several pieces of clothing. The tip is to use them in ballads, parties and events, which will add an extra elegance to your look. This model is one of the darlings of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luan Santana and many others. The most used among them is the famous black gold.

Famous people are always good references when it comes to fashion. Also read: Get inspired by the style of Neymar when dressing.


This model is well differentiated from the others and the people who use it usually have funky and alternative styles. The reamer draws attention wherever it goes, that is, it is ideal for those who like to stand out. In the vast majority of times it is used by rockers and skaters, but it also has many other fans of other styles. In the market you find many variations of size, design and color. It has a reamer of just 1mm and also up to 40mm. The increase in size will vary according to the elasticity of your ear. There is no way for a person to want to put a huge reamer, the process should be gradually. When making the first piercing of earrings choose one that has stainless steel material instead of plastic or nickel, to avoid possible inflammation.

Is there a correct side to use the earring?

No. You can use it on any ear you want, or even both. Use it in the way that you think is best and that you feel most comfortable with. Regardless of what type of earrings for men you choose, be sure to go to the specialized studio, which has appropriate materials for this. Never try to do this alone at home.