The economy and an abundance of job opportunities, inspire candidates from across the globe to study in Canada. Among various courses, the MBA has also gained popularity. Quality education, lots of scholarships, etc. makes this country one of the most preferred destinations among international students. Canada is amongst the top five student destinations across the world to pursue higher education, including getting an MBA degree as well. The scope offered to MBA students is encouraging. Besides further studies after the MBA, students can also enjoy 80,000 USD to 200,000 USD yearly. So, let’s discuss why people decide to study in Canada for an MBA degree in this article. 

Why Study in Canada for an MBA?

If you study in Canada and earn an MBA degree from a renowned university, it will add a feather to your caps. One can get a detailed understanding of the ways to manage businesses more effectively. Adding to that, graduating from top universities can help students earn as high as 190,000 USD per year.

Pursuing an MBA in Canada is a good option for those who want to learn management skills from the global perspective before taking a plunge into the huge business world. Moreover, in this highly competitive world, companies look for professionals who have amazing leadership qualities, good communication skills and can deal with challenging situations in a stress freeway.

Benefits of pursuing MBA from Canada are:

  1. According to Business Week, 6 Canadian Universities are in the top 100 list as per the latest QS MBA 2021 Rankings. Canada has been an innovator in business education.
  2. The process of applying and studying in Canada is hassle-free.
  3. There are plenty of good educational institutes and colleges in Canada offering internationally recognized degrees at the most affordable prices.
  4. Business programs offered by Canadian universities help a lot in starting your career, which ultimately results in improving your earning potential. Moreover, lots of universities offer internship opportunities allowing students to get a better understanding of the business world.
  5. The MBA course focuses more on real-world knowledge about business practices, so, the students post completing their course can get a wider understanding of the business world.
  6. For many candidates, planning to study in Canada is overlooked assuming the complex Visa and Immigration process. But this is not true as the country has made immigration favourable policies and guidelines allowing international students to get a visa quickly with less paperwork.

Why Study in Canada? Availability of Various Scholarships!

MBA is a professional course, which is in high demand, especially among the candidates who want to study in Canada. But, the degree comes at some cost. But, not to worry, there are lots of private or government-aided financial aids, scholarships, available for the international students looking to study in Canada for an MBA degree.

Some of the scholarships are granted based on candidates’ excellent academic skills, while others are merit-based scholarships offered to deserving students. Some aspirants get a part waiver in their tuition fees because of their good and highly recommended GMAT scores. Some of the kinds of scholarships programs available for the ones who want to study in Canada are presented below:

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS): This scholarship is aimed to make quality education at the masters and doctoral levels more accessible to the aspirants who want to study in Canada. The Canadian government funds OGS.
  • Graduate Scholarship offered by the University of Waterloo: This University grants scholarships to deserving students looking forward to pursuing their higher studies from Canada.
  • Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship: This scholarship is given to the meritorious students who want to study in Canada by doing a masters or PhD course.
  • Go Clean Scholarship: Meritorious students planning to do their higher studies abroad can opt for this scholarship.

Some other kinds of scholarships include:

  • Women in Business Excellence Award
  • MBA Excellence Award
  • Global Business Leader of Tomorrow
  • Ivey MBA Scholarship
  • MBA Entrance Scholarship
  • Scotiabank Scholarships

Types of MBA programs available in Canada

If you want to study in Canada for an MBA degree, be informed about the types of programs as well. Most of the universities located in Canada offer Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in different streams, which can be considered based on your preferences, career objective, etc. 

The entire course duration of MBA programs varies from ten months to 2 years, and even there is a significant difference in the course curriculum as well. The courses offered by the top MBA colleges in Canada to the students who want to study in Canada is categorized into three sections.

  1. Generalized MBA Program: The course duration of this MBA is two years, wherein the starting year, more focus is laid on the core of business fundamentals like Financial and Managerial Accounting, Management Statistics, Business Strategy Analysis, and Data Analysis, as it helps learners to get more detailed information about the real business world. During the second year, more focus is laid on the selected area, from the specialization options available.
  2. Specialized MBA: The course duration of these specialized MBA programs is almost a year, but sometimes universities offer a specialized MBA with a duration of less than a year as well. This course is best for the ones who want to polish their skills in a particular field. Some of the renowned business schools also offer customized MBA courses which are designed considering the needs of corporations and organizations. These types of MBA programs which can be customized are referred to as Corporate MBAs.
  3. Combined MBA: Combined MBA program is quite a popular option among the candidates who want to master their skills in a different discipline like Agriculture, Arts, Engineering, Law, or Medicine. The duration of a combined MBA is mostly four years.

Why MBA aspirants must study in Canada? Well, the Country offers Superb Scope!

There are limitless reasons to study in Canada. An MBA degree provided by a Canadian university or college is recognized across all boundaries. Some of the organizations that appoint MBA graduates from Canada are as follows:

  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • RBC Bank
  • Deloitte
  • KPMG
  • EY
  • Siemens, etc.

Apart from a whopping salary package, the Canadian SMS sector employs close to 70% of private-sector workers. In other words, we can say that SMEs are responsible for offering more than three-quarters of jobs in the private sector to the most deserving and qualified graduates.

Some of the popular job roles of MBA graduates from Canada are:

  • Investment analysts
  • Operations Leaders
  • Business Development Strategists
  • Marketing Strategist and Innovation Director
  • Project Managers
  • Investment analysts
  • Senior Product Managers
  • Forecasting Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Sourcing Specialists

Including a range of globally acclaimed colleges, Canada offers diversified career options to prospective MBA candidates who want to study in Canada. The quality of Canadian business schools is at par with the ones in the US, Europe, and others (with Regards to QS Rankings). So if you are among the ones who want to do an MBA, then do consider to study in Canada.