CBD has found quite a few fans in recent years. Uses are varied, at times it seems there could be too many declared CBD benefits. But claims that CBD can actually increase sexual pleasure are some of the more interesting. Is there any science behind these claims, or are the CBD & sex assertions simply the anecdotal opinions of a few lucky people?

CBD & the human endocannabinoid (‘ECS’) system

Discovered only in the 1990’s, the human ECS is still only under preliminary research. Much remains unknown, but the ECS is thought to be involved in regulating numerous physiological and cognitive processes including appetite, pain, mood and memory. Curiously the ECS is also thought to affect fertility and pregnancy. This has allowed some to believe that cannabis and CBD in particular may have undiscovered roles in sexual health and enjoyment.

Sexual anxiety is a condition that is thought to affect many people at some stage of their life. The desire to be a satisfying sexual partner can be a great cause of anxiety which, paradoxically, can significantly reduce sexual ‘performance’. Over recent years, much CBD research and discussion has focussed on CBD as a way to reduce anxiety in general.

So there may well be some logic that suggests CBD may allow reduction of sexual anxiety and therefore a more natural and improved love making session. Of course, it is also possible that this anxiety reduction is also augmented by some, as yet unclear, mechanism in the human endocannabinoid system to further enhance sexual enjoyment.

From CBD sex lubricants to self-grown CBD seeds

Many innovative cannabis entrepreneurs have tried their best to penetrate the sex lubes market and infused the lubricants with CBD. Some USA formulations have naughtily sneaked in some THC into their products too.

The logic behind CBD lubes is easy to understand, CBD is regarded as a wellness cannabinoid by many. CBD is also produced by hemp or cannabis, so it seems natural to consider cannabinoids as an additive to lubricants.

However, sometimes the use of sex lubricants (regardless of any ‘special’ ingredients) can often improve sex simply by allowing easier touching and play without any soreness or inflammation. So it may be quite tricky to scientifically prove that a CBD-containing lube is superior to one without CBD. Having said that, the cannabis community wouldn’t be short of volunteers for any case studies.

If you don’t like paying premium store prices for top-branded CBD products there are significantly more affordable options. Many cannabis connoisseurs and CBD lovers choose to make their own products from CBD concentrates and extracts simply be growing their own CBD cannabis seeds wherever it is legal to do so.

Growing CBD strains has never been easier with a wide range of stable, reliable varieties. Remember not everyone needs products with very high THC levels, your own CBD products can be both easy and cost effective to make yourself.

CBD and the placebo effect?

With the amount of mainstream hype that CBD has received in recent years it is also possible that some people can fool themselves into believing that they can feel benefits when actually there are none. So it could be possible that many of those that claim sexual benefits from the use of CBD are merely feeling an illusionary placebo effect. But whatever your own views on the topic, those that feel CBD increases sexual pleasure won’t stop taking it anytime soon!