Whether you are a Cancer or you are interested in someone who is, you may be wondering what the zodiac sign means when it comes to dating and relationships. You may get specific guidance if you communicate with psychic mediums online, but it is nice to know how a Cancer’s traits affects how they interact with others. Dating is fun, but it can also be challenging. Knowing what to expect with a Cancer may make it easier when trying to be in a relationship.

General Traits of a Cancer

If you have not thought a lot about zodiac signs, you can look at a free natal chart to see what signs go with which birthdates. To get a general idea about who a Cancer is, it helps to look at both the positive and negative traits. Some positive personality traits that many Cancers have include:

  • Intuition
  • Loyalty
  • Nurturing
  • Creativity 
  • Sense of humor
  • Faithful
  • Charming
  • Sentimental
  • Entuitive

Although a Cancer has numerous great traits, not all traits are necessarily positive, which is true of all zodiac signs. Some of the less desirable traits are:

  • Pessimism
  • Insecurity
  • Moodiness
  • Sensitivity
  • Suspiciousness
  • Unpredictable
  • Lazy

How a Cancer’s Traits Fit into Dating and Relationships

Many traits of a Cancer fit well into the dating and relationship scene. Their sense of humor and charming personality make it easy and fun to date. Good dates include ones that are a bit quieter, as Cancers are not the most social and outgoing of the signs. Cancers also appreciate creativity when it comes to planning a date.

Because a Cancer can be a bit lazy as well as shy, you may need to be the one who makes the first moves. However, do not be too aggressive or you may scare him or her away.

In a relationship, you usually do not need to worry about a Cancer straying or sleeping around, as they are fiercely faithful and loyal to their partners. Their ability to feel what others are feeling and the fact they are very nurturing helps their partner feel secure and safe. 

To counteract the positive traits of loyalty and trustworthiness, it is important to note that a Cancer’s insecurity and tendency to get suspicious can make this person come off as being possessive and jealous. You also should not make fun of them or joke about them, as they are sensitive. If they do not get their way, they may come off as moody.

All of the best psychic readings agree that individuals who fall under the Cancer sign generally do great when it comes to love and romance, as many of their traits work well in committed relationships. When dating a Cancer, it helps to know of some of the weaknesses, such as insecurity and moodiness, so that you can do what you can to minimize them. 

Some zodiac signs get along better with Cancer than others do. Although no one is perfectly compatible, some individuals have traits that work naturally with those of a Cancer, resulting in an easier relationship than with others.