Do you suffer from depression? Is marijuana for depression a valid treatment? Find out everything you need to know here.

You’re depressed. 

Negative thoughts and emotions are raining down. It’s like you’re being followed by a storm cloud. You want to break free but you don’t know how. 

Marijuana might be able to help. 

Using marijuana for depression is a growing practice among mental health professionals. Instead of loading patients up with pharmaceutical drugs that may or may not work, doctors can prescribe a natural treatment.

Medical marijuana is legal in more than half the states in the U.S. 

This guide will explain everything you need to know. 

What is Depression? 

Nobody walks on a bed of roses all the time. It’s normal to feel sad sometimes. However, when those feelings linger in your mind and affect the quality of your life, you might have clinical depression

Here are the signs: 

  • You’re fatigued 
  • You no longer find enjoyment in your life 
  • You feel terrible 
  • You sleep too little or too much 
  • You’re irritable 

If you’re depressed, it can be very difficult to combat the illness on your own. Many sufferers need psychological or pharmaceutical treatment before they can start seeing improvement. 

  1. Traditional Treatments 

Depression is a tricky disease. Researchers can describe the effects but the cause is still unclear. Traditional treatment range from physical exercise to medication. 

There’s no guarantee that any of the above treatments will be effective. Pharmaceutical medication, in particular, often comes with heavy consequences. 

When you’re suffering from depression and you can’t find relief, your entire life can go awry. Everything that you value feels like it’s at risk. 

Using Marijuana for Depression 

Mankind has been using marijuana for medicinal purposes since civilization began. The plant is famous for its ability to make people feel more relaxed. When you feel crippled by anxiety, smoking a puff of marijuana can help you unwind. 


Weed is now being grown in high-tech facilities. Serious money is being poured into grow houses. The flower on the market today is extremely potent.

Some physicians recommend that patients attempting to treat conditions like depression should try micro-dosing. This means consuming a small amount of marijuana at once. 

You won’t be out of your mind intoxicated, which can lead to its own anxiety problems, yet you’ll still be able to experience stress relief. If you need a stronger dose, keep smoking. 

2.Best Strains

There are countless marijuana strains to choose from. It’s quite likely that some strains will be far more effective than others at treating your anxiety. 

You can read recommendations from other people, but they’ll only be moderately helpful. No one can predict how your body will react. Take note of how each strain makes you feel.  


CBD, or cannabidiol, has dethroned THC as the superstar in the marijuana world. The compound won’t get you high but it is associated with multiple health benefits. 

Recently, the CBD market experienced a massive surge. Consumer education grew at the same time that it became easier for American farmers to grow hemp. 

Hemp is a form of marijuana that’s full of CBD and has less than .03% THC, the compound that’s responsible for cannabis’s intoxicating effect. 

People are very interested in the relationship between CBD oil and depression. Studies show that CBD can exert a calming effect on your mind.

CBD is also used to treat pain. It’s easier to feel better in your mind if you feel good in your body. 

Consumption Methods 

Because CBD is wildly popular, consumers have a lot of options. If you’re interested in ingesting it for a medical reason like treating your depression, it’s worthwhile to experiment with every option. 


The easiest way to consume CBD is also the most familiar. You can take a pill or lozenge. It’s a great way to ease into cannabis if you’re inexperienced. 

The problem with this method is that you won’t feel relief until your body digests the pill. In moments of acute anxiety, this may not be the best strategy. 


If you live in an area with a legal cannabis market, you can buy buds that are chock full of CBD. You can smoke it when you’re having a low moment. 

Because the research into CBD and depression is still young, it’s not clear what the best treatment regimen is. You might need to consume CBD every day to notice an effect, or you might see improvements consuming it occasionally. 


CBD has completely infiltrated the skincare world. Topical creams and lotions are everywhere. CBD cream might be able to improve your skin and soothe aching muscles. 

Your mind and body work in tandem. If your body feels out of sorts, your mind might feel frazzled as well. Changing the way your body feels could be one of the keys to treating your depression. 


Marijuana vape cartridges are sold at dispensaries across the U.S. You can buy one that’s pure CBD. Because the vapor hits your lungs immediately, you’ll feel the effects straight away. 


CBD edibles are a quick, tasty way to consume the compound. Modern refining methods are so sophisticated that you don’t have to taste the hemp or cannabis. 

CBD-infused gummy candies are extremely popular. They’re easily found online. 


A tincture is infused alcohol. For maximum effect, you hold a few drops under your tongue. The process is quick and easy so it’s no trouble to add it to your daily routine. 

Depression is a variable disease. The best treatment strategy for your needs might not look like the one someone else should follow. You’ll have to create an individual plan based on experimentation and speaking with your medical team. 

Your Options

When you’re suffering from depression, it can be hard to think straight. Getting useful advice can be a life-saver. 

That’s what we aim to do. We have guides and how-to’s that you can you use to navigate almost every part of your life. 

Experimenting with marijuana for depression is just the first step in your journey toward health and happiness. Read our blog for tips on how to take the next one.