Hate them or love them; most of you have a bucket list of luxurious travelling things to tick off this year. There are countless things to do, experience and taste in Europe, let alone the other parts of the world. Europe is undeniably the world’s most culturally diverse continent. It enthralls even the most seasoned traveler, thanks to its amazing shopping experience, plenty of cuisines, heritage sites and natural beauty. Here are the top 5 things worth an experience in Europe.

A Shopping Spree in Milan

Being a gorgeous and historic city in Italy, Milan is one of the best cities in Europe to shop for luxurious and fashionable items. The city is medium-sized, but it’s home to specialty items and different shopping districts that you won’t find anywhere else. Planning a trip to Milan will help you find some of the best must-have items!

You can buy endless luxury goods in Milan including, handbags, handcrafted umbrellas, artwork, and home goods just to give you an idea! When it comes to jewelry stores in Milan and in all of Italy, head to shops like Pisa Orologeria, a shop famous for its stunning selection of hand-picked jewelry. Take a look around at how Italian women wear their jewelry and luxury goods to get a feel of how to dress like an Italian!

Have a James Bond Moment at the Monte Carlo Casino

Generally regarded as the embodiment of elegance and extravagance, Monte Carlo Casino is a must-visit casino for casino enthusiasts. A section of this posh casino is considered the perfect place for sophisticated gamblers. The casino emits stylishness and is one of the places where you’ll find high-end rollers who are willing to spend millions of euros on casino games.

Players adore it for the stylish interiors and luxury it offers. Over the years, it has also gained a reputation as one of the leading big stake casinos. Probably, this is one of the reasons why Casino Royale, one of the James Bond series, was set in this casino.

Skiing in the Swiss Alps

If your perfect ski vacation entails seeing snow-covered peaks, a side of chocolate, and an abundance of fondue, then you certainly need to experience the Swiss Alps. Booking a trip to Switzerland for its skiing activity is one of the luxurious things you need to do in Europe.

Moreover, the country hosts most of Europe’s largest winter resorts, with high-speed chair lifts, new panoramic cable vehicles, and scenic trains that assure easy and fast link between the mountains.

Tea Time at the Ritz Carlton in London

No experience can beat the one you get upon stepping your feet at the Ritz Carlton in London. It’s an iconic hotel situated in Mayfair, London. The hotel welcomes you with a golden, warm glow and the soothing sound of the grand pianos. What’s more, the hotel is luxurious and famous for its delicious British afternoon tea.

It’s been rumored that this was Princess Diana’s favorite place to have tea, along with countless other celebrities. You can live your London luxurious, celebrity moment in this very tea room!

Island Hopping throughout Greece

The Greece Islands are popular among tourists due to their amazing ocean views and rugged coastlines. In the north part of the islands, you can choose to go for a boat ride to experience the spectacular white cave walls and the illumination of the crystal-clear ocean waters. Besides, you can rent a yacht and take a trip to the entire coastline as you sunbathe at your leisure! Plan it strategically to ensure you see the areas and islands you want to see, since there are so many choices!

After being confined to our homes over the past year due to the global coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to get out a bit and treat yourself to a luxury experience. Europe is opening up for a variety of countries this summer so take a look and see if you can visit this summer, if not for sure next year!