Regardless of whether you run a business or use a computer at home, which makes the large majority of us, you could be susceptible to a cyberattack and it is important that you understand what they are and how they are used. Bharat Bhise HNA has been working in cybersecurity for many years now and he dedicates much of his time to helping businesses beef up their security and avoid attacks from hackers. Bharat was kind enough to give us some of his time recently to explain which are the type of cyberattacks which people must be aware of.

Password Attack

When people tell you that you need a password which is very strong and complicated it is because it is so easy for hackers to discover what your password is and access all of your information. There are two main ways of doing this, the first is called brute force and it simply uses logic based on what information they can find out about you such as family names, important dates etc. The second is called a dictionary attack which is an automated approach which uses the most commonly used passwords, and basically goes through the list trying each one until they get in.

DoS Attack

A Denial of Service or Distributed Denial of Service attack is one which hackers use to cause fear and panic and show their capabilities. There is not threat of theft or anything like that from this attack, it is simply designed to shut down systems and servers. Basically the hackers are able to use a multitude of sources to perform requests on a certain site or server, to get the result which they want they use a huge volume of requests, sometimes in the millions, which the system just cannot handle and eventually it shuts itself down.

Man in the Middle

One of the most common ways by which hackers are able to access secure systems is called the Man in the Middle attack. To do this they will gain access to a client’s computer and then when they log in to the secure system, they can tweak things so that they will be able to have access to this system in the future. The attacker will logout of the system and change the client’s IP address to their own, this gains them access remotely to a secure system which could have untold amounts of personal data and sensitive information. It is for this reason why companies must ensure that they have the best cybersecurity in place, because many pieces of software have strong firewalls and ever-changing updates which ensure that these systems cannot be breached.

It is important that you understand just how dangerous these attacks can be and especially in today’s world, there are huge amounts of information on our business computers and our personal computers which we would not want falling into the wrong hands.