Finding the right thing to wear can be difficult, especially when fashion trends seem to change so often.

When in doubt, turn to modern television shows to know what people are wearing –or what Hollywood thinks people are wearing– these days.

Below are some of the best fashion trends in 2020, so keep reading to learn how to spice up your style in 2020.

Gold Statement Pieces

If you want all eyes on you, the best way to get attention for being fashionable is to try out a new accessory.

No matter how small the piece of jewelry, so long as it’s shiny it’s sure to draw positive attention.

When it comes to gold statement pieces, there are generally three kinds of colors you can choose from.

There is the classic yellow gold, a silvery white gold, and the new trendy rose gold.

Any of these gold accessories, since they are more or less neutral colors, can work great with any outfit!

Denim Overalls

For whatever reason, what used to be seen as something only farmers would wear is now something that seems so cool that you’d never want to get them filthy by going anywhere near a farm.

This fashion trend was also popular around the 1990s.

Why is it coming back? That’s a mystery.

Denim overalls generally go best with colorful tops.

This helps to add some playfulness to the outfit. In the media, people often pair overalls with crop tops.

This look is most popular among teens and young adults.

Chunky Boots

Chunky boots are another 90’s trend that are making a comeback.

Probably the most popular style of chunky boots are combat boots.

These boots usually come in black or brown. However, they can be ordered in custom colors as well.

Combat boots aren’t the only type of stylish chunky boots. So long as the heel of the boots are thick, they’re most likely in style.

The height of the boots also does not make much of a difference.

The most popular style of chunky boots usually rises slightly above the ankles up to the mid-calf area.

90’s Sweaters

According to Elle, another 90’s style that is making a comeback is the minimalist sweater.

These sweaters can vary widely in style, color, and general design.

The thing that matters most is that the sweater is made to look (or actually made) from woven yarn.

Ideally, the sweater should look like something a grandma could make, even if you choose to buy it from the store.

Of course, there are a few types of sweaters that stand out more than others.

Oversized sweaters make for a cute look that anyone (including men) can rock.

Buttoned cardigans work best for this look, as the sweater can be left open to show off the rest of the outfit.

Turtleneck sweaters are also highly fashionable now.

However, it’s best not to wear an oversized turtleneck sweater. Instead, tightly fitting sweaters that accentuate your curves will look best.

Some turtleneck sweaters even come in a crop top style.

While this isn’t the warmest look available, it is one of the most stylish.

Oversized Sunglasses

Back in the 90’s, small square sunglasses were all the rage, but that’s not the case anymore.

Now, large sunglasses (similar to large eyeglasses) are becoming more popular.

Aviators are some of the most popular types of large sunglasses.

When it comes to oversized sunglasses, it’s more about the size of the lens than the size of the frames.

Not only is this style fashionable, but it’s also practical.

Larger lenses mean more protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This makes large sunglasses the perfect summer-time accessory.

Whether you’re looking for a whole new wardrobe or just a few items to make the looks you already own a little trendier, these tips are sure to help. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping!