Stay up to date with runway trends. Keep reading to see the most stylish, got-to-have, best sneakers for women this year.

With the spring/summer season in full bloom, you might be looking for a sporty new addition to your wardrobe.

Search no more.

Trainers have been a staple in every gym-goers wardrobe. Now, sneakers are so stylish people wear them for fashion rather than fitness.

And we don’t blame them. Now stylish and chic is synonymous with comfort.

Keep reading to discover the best sneakers for women in 2019.

The “Dad” Sneaker

With the dad bod craze and boyfriend jeans, young women are turning into their father’s everywhere. Complete the look with the “dad” sneaker. Introduced a few years ago by fashion titan Balenciaga, the dad shoe is chunky take on traditional foot fare.

Balenciaga’s monstrous sneakers are comfy and multi-colored. They go well in all seasons with a casual midi dress or mid-length pants. These shoes add a unique look to any fashionable wardrobe. We promise you won’t look like your dad.

The Minimalist

Lately tidying up and downsizing has become a trend in home decor. There must be something in the water because fashion has caught on.

Minimalist shoes come in canvas or leather and are usually monotone. They don’t have many stitching lines and are the ideal match for any outfit.

Seriously, these shoes go with anything. Dress them up for business casual or down for date night with bae. Throw on 2019’s trendiest accessories and you’re ready to go. Some Popular brands are Joseph Becker, Common Projects, and Keds. Keds have been around since 1916 and continue to leave their mark the fashion world.

The Hightop

Hightops regained popularity in 2016 but they’ve been around since converse debuted them for basketball players. Hightops come in all colors and brands. Fashion leaders love to cover them with leather and rhinestones but canvas will go with anything.

Throw these dope kicks on with a casual dress, short shorts, leggings or anything you can think of. They aren’t as versatile as the minimalist sneaker but they’ll definitely add a little ‘badass’ sauce to your beauty routine.

Many brands make high-top versions of their most popular shoes. Nike, Puma, and Koio are just a few great additions to your wardrobe.

The Trainer

The rise of athleisure wear has seen people roaming around in workout gear that have no intention of hitting the gym. How can you blame them when the clothes are so comfy and stylish? Trainers are usually running shoes or gym shoes.

Brands like Nike and Adidas have discovered a way to make them functional but also stylish. So stylish, in fact, that celebs have been seen sporting them.

Wear these to complete your athleisure outfit for an effortless look. Pair them with short shorts or a shirt dress for an ultra chic casual outing.

The Wknd Sneaker

When Friyay comes around, throw off those mules, or place them gently because you work hard for your money girl, and slip on your weekend shoe.

Weekend sneakers are your slip-on gym trainers. They are snug enough to be functional but the lack of laces make them a great lazy shoe. 

Rock the Best Sneakers for Women in 2019

Trends come and go but these styles last a lifetime. 

A great pair of shoes changes the whole vibe of an outfit from business to brunch to date night chic. The best sneakers for women in 2019 are stylish without stealing the show. They are understated but essential to any look.

Shoes aren’t the only thing that tie a look together. What are you doing with your hair? The right hairstyle will accentuate your best features and compliment your outfit like nothing else can.

To discover some go-to styles to add to your routine, click here.