Everyone’s got a different routine, and people who don’t have a lot of time in the morning need to become more efficient. One way to be efficient is to figure out the best hairstyles when you don’t have the time.

The Side Knot

One of the easiest hairstyles is the side knot. All you have to do is comb your hair and swing it to one side, whichever side you prefer. What you are going to do is just tie two knots with your hair. Stick a pin in the middle of your knots to stop them from falling apart. All you have to do now is comb the hair that’s hanging under the knots and you are done. Of course, if you don’t have time for that, you can just wear 360 lace human hair wigs to just be done with it.

Messy Bun and Scarf

Another great option you have is to simply leave your hair in a messy bun and use a stylish scarf to keep it together. Now, if you are trying to wear a scarf in a professional setting, it should be quite conservative, depending on where you work. Those who work in locations that aren’t so strict may be able to be a bit more playful with the scarf you choose to wear. Secure the scarf around your hair to make sure it stays in together, but don’t secure it too tightly or you might feel uncomfortable. If you work in a vigorous environment, you may have to adjust your scarf from time to time during the day.

The Milkmaid Look

One fast look that keeps your hair in place is the milkmaid look. All you need to do is make two braids and place them over your head one at a time. You are going to have to make sure you secure each side with bobby pins to keep them in place throughout the day. This look is pretty professional but also quite elegant and so easy to do. Try your best to avoid pulling the bobby pins from your hair when you want to take this look down at the end of the day. If you are too rough with your hair, you might end up damaging it and no one wants that.

The Headband Trick

If you have a stylish or conservative headband, then maybe it’s time to pop that little thing out and use it to secure your hair. Just make sure you comb your hair well and let your headband do the rest. Do your best to choose a headband that is dark in color. You are going to be working all day, so the chances you’ll be able to see yourself often throughout the day are slim. Light-colored headbands can get dirty easily without you knowing. This is not a look you want to be associated with you, so stick to wearing dark headbands.

Elastic Headband Tuck

All you need for this quick hairstyle is an elastic headband. Again, you want something conservative and dark because you are going to be wearing it all day. What you are going to do with the headband is put it on like you normally would. Then, you want to take a small section of your hair and tuck it into the headband. Continue to tuck the hair until you are done tucking. Grab the second section of hair, and do the same thing until all of your hair is tucked into your headband. At this point, you won’t be able to see the headband from the back of your hair. Fix the headband in the front until you are happy with the look and you are done with your hair.

These are some fast hairstyles you can choose from, but there are others to consider. It may be a good idea to talk to your hairstylist when you have time to see if you can learn other quick hairstyles.