Everyone one knows this guy – maybe it’s your dad, your grandpa, your best friend or your partner. Every time a birthday rolls around or a holiday is imminent, you scratch your head trying to figure out what to get them. In your desperation, you even ask them what they want, to which they coolly reply, “don’t worry, I don’t want anything.”

Of course, there are always the typical ‘guy’ gifts like ties, cigars and alcohol and never forget gifts for the BBQ enthusiast that can be easy wins. However, sometimes it can be hard to think outside the box, especially when trying to make sure there is an awesome gift inside it.  

It’s frustrating trying to buy gifts for the guy who has it all, but it can be done. You just need to think outside of the box, considering gifts that introduce them to new hobbies, or make their lives more comfortable, or help others. Let’s take a look at some of the best gifts for the guy who has everything. 

A Beer Making Kit

The guy who has it all still has room for hobbies. And there is no better gift to give a hobbyist than a beer making kit, because it is a totally self-contained hobby gift, complete with all the equipment and instruction one needs to produce the product. And what a product it is! Not only will that special guy in your life get a boatload of beer out of the deal, but they get the satisfaction of having made it themselves. 

A Pair of Merino Wool Underwear

Sure, the guy who has it all already has underwear. But do they have the most comfortable underwear in the world? Probably not. It’s no understatement to say that merino wool boxers will change your life with their unparalleled softness, their airy breathability and their superhuman ability to stay fresh and un-stinky for days (some even report weeks!) Everyone can use a little more comfort in their lives, and that guy in your life is certainly no exception. 

A Spa Day

Speaking of comfort, there is no one in the world who wouldn’t benefit a little from a spa day. But guys – even the guys who have it all – often won’t treat themselves to something like this. That’s where you step in. Force them to go to a spa day, either with you, or a partner, or even by themselves. Even the most difficult man in your life won’t be able to resist the charms of a good spa. 

A Donation to an Important Charity

Of course, if that guy in your life truly does have everything, than perhaps it’s best to pay it forward and help someone else. Instead of getting them a gift – or in addition to one of the gifts above – consider donating some money to an important charity, on their behalf. Ask yourself first: what are they passionate about? What kinds of causes are meaningful to them? 

If they’re passionate about sports, consider donating to a charity that helps underserved inner-city sports teams. If they’re passionate about the outdoors, consider donating to an environmental cause. You get the idea!

They may seem like they have everything, but with these four gift ideas, you’ll have an ace up your sleeve!