Every business organization wants that you recruit talented and skilled employees in their company so that they can contribute and enhance success. The survival and growth of the company directly or indirectly depend upon the employees that are hiring in the organization. It is rightly said it is very important to place the right person at the right job to enhance his productivity. So you think the process of hiring is that simple. It is a long process starting from a job aptitude test and ending at the final interview. There are so many difficulties faced by the hirers while choosing the best candidates. Some of them are listed below:

  1. It is very difficult to select the best out of the rest. As for one vacancy, there are so many applicants.
  2. There are chances that fake and incorrect information can be given in a resume which makes it more difficult for the recruiters to find the right person.
  3. It is difficult to access hidden abilities through interviews and resumes.

That’s why the organizations are taking the help of the long selection procedure to choose the candidate for the vacancy. All the steps involved in the selection procedure help the organization to gather all the useful information about the candidate which will otherwise be difficult to gather through interviews or resumes. They provide a wide picture of the capabilities and skills of the candidate. An organization can choose a variety of tests to judge the candidate on different traits. Some of the tests are listed as follows:

  • Aptitude test: this test identifies the ability of the individual to understand and learn things. These tests are performed to check the knowledge of the candidate.
  • Personality test: this test is performed to know the personality of the candidate whether he is extrovert or introvert. As in the corporate world, there is a requirement of the extrovert person. This test is performed by giving some tasks o the candidates. Their performance in these tasks helps the experts to make decisions.
  • Skills Test: the name clarifies that this test is performed to know the skills of the candidate. Experts check that whether the skill of the student matches the requirement of the job profile. Here also certain tasks are given to them and they are asked to perform. This helps in identifying any hidden talent of the candidate.

Out of all these, the most common test that is conducted in all the organizations while hiring is the aptitude tests. These tests help to measure the cognitive ability of the candidate to learn and understand the things that are used to perform various tasks in the organization. This test helps to identify the candidates that can efficiently perform the tasks given to them. There are various benefits of aptitude tests for selecting the right candidates. Some of them are listed below:

  • Economical way of recruitment: this method of testing employees for recruitment is considered as the most efficient and timesaving than other methods of recruitment. Nowadays many software has been made that has made this work easier. This has reduced the burden of the HR department and also ensues to select the best candidate for the job.
  • Increase in productivity: these tests are considered as the most accurate way to predict the abilities of the candidate. It helps the expert know how well the candidate can perform the tasks. That is why this is the most suited test while recruiting as it makes sure that if the candidate joins organization,he will enhance productivity and will add more value to the organization.
  • Low turnover: aptitude assessment helps in identifying the best candidate for the job vacancy. The fitting of the right person at the right job will not only increase the efficiency of work but will also lead to higher job satisfaction of the employee. Ultimately will lead to a lower turnover of the employees from the organization. The lower turnover also reduces the cost of repeating the same task of recruiting employees.
  • It also benefits the candidates: this not only benefits the organizations that do conduct these tests but also helps the candidate to find out the hidden talents among them. All the candidates are provided with an equal chance of hiring but the candidate that performs the tasks better than others with the help of his talents is selected for the job.

All these benefits make these tests the best out of the other tests of recruitment. They help in differentiating talented candidates from others. There are some of the traits on which the candidates are being tested. Some of them are listed below:

  • Sharp memory: the candidates with sharp memory are likely to perform the tasks with more accuracy. As they can retain all the information for a long period and completes their task without any obstruction. In this, the candidate can be shown various images and visuals and it is checked for how much time he can retain that by asking some questions regarding it randomly. This way this trait is tested.
  • Concentration: the ability to concentrate also matters a lot, as it helps in identifying and retaining the minute details of the task that is assigned to them. This trait is required in high-level jobs like that of record-keeping or accounting where there are loads of data and if any error is committed can cause a great mess.
  • Communication ability: the foremost ability required in a candidate that he can understand even he can express his viewpoints to others. He should be good at both verbal and writing communication.
  • Speed learning: this ability of candidate makes him able to grasp the information regarding his duties and responsibilities and even about his tasks. This trait is also very important in the candidate.
  • Logical reasoning: This trait includes the ability of the candidate to understand and solve the problem quickly and creatively. This trait in the candidate helps to find the solution creatively and makes him able to take judgment that will improve the performance of work.

This way the aptitude tests are very much helpful in recruitment.