Do you need home staging secrets to sell your home quickly? Check out this ultimate home staging checklist to find everything you need to know.

Did you know that staging your home can help to sell it 73% faster?

While that statistic may be shocking, the real estate market can be extremely competitive, which means that it can be difficult to make your house stand out from the rest of the competition.  

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. 

To help make the entire process of selling your home easier, we’ve come up with a home staging checklist for you!

Our Home Staging Checklist:

If you must sell your house, making a great first impression when looking to sell your house is crucial.

This is because the ultimate goal for home staging is to make your home look inviting and warm. This helps to attract prospective buyers, as it will allow people the opportunity to envision themselves living in your home.  

Update Kitchen Fixtures

You don’t have to completely re-vamp your kitchen to get your house to sell faster. Something as simple as updating your kitchen fixtures will help to ensure that your kitchen looks up-to-date and fresh! 

Before buying anything, make sure to ask your real estate agent what the hottest trends currently are. Buying a new light fixture can really help to ensure that your kitchen doesn’t look out of date.

Just recently bought a new light fixture? Putting brand new knobs on your drawers and cabinets can help to make your kitchen look clean — a cheap and easy way to update improve the appeal of your home!

Set The Dining Room Table

You don’t have to elaborately set your dining room table to attract buyers. Instead of dropping a couple of hundred dollars on a fancy table setting, switch to a sleek and modern design. 

Try using white plates, clear glasses, and stainless-steel silverware. If your dining room could use some life to it, try adding colorful napkins for a touch of vibrancy.

Put Your Rugs In Storage

Your hardwood floors are gorgeous — don’t cover them up with an area rug. Unless your hardwood floors are completely ruined or if your area rugs are in pristine condition, you should leave the area rugs in storage.

Not only does this help to make the room feel cleaner, but it actually helps to make the room feel larger

Clean Up The Clutter

Any knick-knacks, toys, personal photos, or extra decor should be put away into storage. The parts of your home that are stuffed with extra clutter will distract a potential buyer from focusing on the bones of your home. 

You want to highlight the square footage of your home, so make sure that you aren’t making your space seem cramped by having too many personal belongings out in the open. 

Use Staging to Sell Your Home

While it can be intimidating to try to sell your home, using this home staging checklist can help to make the entire process a little bit less stressful! 

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