Outsourcing is a key component of any successful business and without it you are going to struggle to find real success. There are numerous reasons for outsourcing certain areas of your business and today I am going to focus on why you should outsource your IT solutions. Three years ago my consultancy business decided to use a Florida-based company called Abaram Network Solutions to install some new hardware, and then to look after our IT needs thereafter, this turned out to be the best decision which we have made as a business. Here then are 5 benefits which you can count on when you outsource your IT needs.

Do What You Do Best

Unless you are running an IT solutions company, this is not what your business specializes in and so it makes little sense to have to upskill any members of staff to be able to deal with IT issues. Equally it seems foolish to hire someone in-house, as they may go for days without any issues. Outsourcing this area of your business allows everyone in it to do what they do best.


When you use a company to deal with IT solutions you can count on having the best equipment, the best software and the most up to date solutions. This is something which money can’t buy and the result of it is that you can offer your clients and customers the very best experience, not to mention that your staff will be overjoyed at being able to use such technology.


If data is lost, a system crashes or a server goes down, it can prove to be very costly for your business and you need to have these issues resolved as soon as possible. When you use another company to deal with your IT solutions you can bet your bottom dollar that these issues won’t be around for long and I have seen first hand the speed with which they are able to address errors. Even if the issue can’t be fixed right away, they will always offer a solution which means that business operations can carry on as normal.

Cost Effective

This should very much be seen as an investment rather than a cost as in the long run it will save you money and you will also be in a better position as a business to make money. These guys have paid for themselves 10 times over for me and this is why I would recommend that you bite the bullet and get a team in to deal with your IT solutions.


Ultimately you are paying for the expertise of the men and women who do this thing every single day. The money which you spend will bring in experts when it comes to IT who will not only perform tasks but can also information and advice as to how to improve your IT systems.