A Hospice Story I will Never Forget

This isn’t my story. A close friend of mine narrated me and stating that I was moved after hearing it will be an understatement. This is a story of Anna Diaz who got married a couple of years ago. She and Jake were together for five years before they decided to take the plunge and get married. It was a marriage straight out of a fairytale book. Everyone was in awe of the newlywed.

Fast forward to one year after their marriage. It was that fateful day when Jake and Anna were returning from one of their short getaways that they always managed to take out time for every month. While driving, Jake had a seizure out of the blue; it was something that he had never experienced before. He often used to complain of headaches but both Jake and Anna never took it seriously. They thought of it as an aftermath of him being a workaholic. 

Soon after they returned, the first thing they did was book an appointment. Little did they know that their lives are going to fall apart. Jake was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The otherwise full of life Anna had forgotten how to smile even though Jake got a hold of himself and tried to stay strong. However, the fatal disease didn’t let him stay strong for longer. Chemotherapy wasn’t working for him and, with every passing day, he was becoming feeble.

The time they used to spend laughing was now spent in a gloomy state. Jake was only confined to his bed surrounded by medical equipment. Most of the time, he was under the effect of medications. It was then Anna took the matters in her own hands and decided that the little time Jake is left with, she will make the most of it. She accepted the reality and contacted Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care for a hospice plan for Jake.

The staff at this hospice care center proved to be of great help. Their pain management services helped Jake to feel better and spend more time with Anna. Furthermore, respite care services helped both of them to embrace reality. During this limited time they had together, they relived all the special moments of their life. The thought of Jake leaving this world was quite sorrowful for her but the time they spent together gave her hope and made infused bravery in her.

Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care proved to be just the right care provider for them. Their specialists were always on the beck and call. Routine visits from their medical staff, nurses, and volunteers ensured Jake and Anna were receiving ample care and support. Not only that, but they also offered counseling services to Anna so that she could cope with this huge loss.

My friend Gina, who narrated this story, was amazed at how courageous Anna has become. She singlehandedly managed everything. From getting top-class hospice services for Jake to encouraging him to get back to life, she did everything for him and of course Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care proved to be a great support for them.

Before departing from this world, Jake too helped Anna to get back to life. He made sure to leave her with pleasant memories that she will cherish forever. Although she has moved on in life but not without fond memories of Jake. She still takes time out for weekend getaways and visits their favorite places. She is as lively as she used to be and makes sure to walk an extra mile to make others happy.

I was unsure of the benefits of hospice before listening to this story. For me, getting hospice was like giving up on life. However, after hearing this story, I can certainly vouch that hospice can greatly help those who suffer from incurable diseases. Not only that, it can also aid their family members as well. The key is to get it from a reliable center for which extensive research is necessary. My suggestion is to get a personalized hospice care plan from Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care if you live in LA. They have earned great recognition as one of the top hospice care providers in this city.