The world is changing already due to the increase in solar energy. Find out how solar panels are impacting our planet and our lives.

The world has begun to take note of the climate challenges on our doorstep.

Fossil fuels will one day, hopefully, be a thing of the past.And not because we ran out of them!

Instead, solar energy is the future.

Countries around the world have stepped up their usage of the sun as a power source. India, China, Europe, and the United States(to name a few) are all investing heavily in this industry. Indeed,$145billion was invested in solar in recent years.

What’s the potential impact of such a hefty investment? What could we see happen? Heck,what’s already happening?! Simply, how the world is changing due to solar panels.

Keep reading to discover the impact that these incredible sun-harnessing inventions are having on our world.

The World Is Changing! 9 Ways Solar Power Is Leading the Charge

The sun offers a super solution to a world beset with environmental issues. Thankfully, we’ve started to harness it. Here’s the impact that it’s having.

1. Reduced Fossil Fuels

Natural gas, coal, and oil have long led the way in human energy consumption.

These fossil fuels powered industrial revolutions, led to the rapid economic development of the western world, job creation, facilitated ncredible technological advances, and so on. We wouldn’t be where we are now without them.

Yet, that progress came at a price. These natural resources caused a significant deleterious impact on the world in the process. Our over reliance on them has contributed greatly to global warming. We’re on the brink of environmental catastrophe, where the temperature of the earth is rising at an alarming rate.

On top of that, they’re finite resources.

Fossil fuels are running out. In 2016, it was predicted that (at the current rate of consumption) the earth had roughly 150 years of coal remaining, and 50 years of oi land gas. What would happen if we didn’t take steps to change the status quo?

With an infrastructure reliant on fossil fuels, and no fossil fuels remaining? Wars, riots, and general chaos would reign.

There has never been a greater need for alternative solutions.The rise of solar panels has created a viable alternative, which is reducing our reliance on traditional fuel sources.

2. Renewable Energy Solutions

Why is solar better than fossil fuels?

Well, it’s the ultimate in green, renewable energy. After all, we harness the sun above our heads to generate power for our daily needs.

The sun doesn’t require massive destruction to utilize. No harmful processes are enacted. No damage is done to the surrounding areas. After the initial setup, no resources are used to harness the sun. Likewise, it doesn’t require polluting transport to get it from A to B.

Oh, and, quite fundamentally, it doesn’t runout.

Compare that to traditional methods.

The earth is blown up, dug up, and drained to access its resources. Vast swathes of land are ruined. Water sources are polluted. Giant pipelines are built through sacred lands.Communities are destroyed. Once extracted, these heavy pollutants are transported for miles, damaging the environment further. Oh,and they won’t last forever.

Solar panels are changing the way we do things.They’re an economical, common sense solution to a serious world problem.

3. Reduced Pressure on Current Infrastructure

The world is full of people.

Billions of us are squeezed onto its surface, relying on its resources to fuel our day to day life. Our numbers are only growing. Like a parasite, we’re taking from the earth at an ever-increasing pace. And we have so far been unwilling to make significant alterations to the way we do things.

As a result, the current infrastructure in place faces serious challenges to meet requirements.

Mines, quarries, pockets of natural gas, and oil-fields are being dug, blown up, fracked and drilled at increasing rates. In towns and cities, grids can face power outages, and fires can rage in power-plants.

The growing use of solar panels takes some of the pressure away.With a growing percentage of power being generated by the sun,there’s less reliance on other forms of energy production.

4. Diverse Range of Uses

Solar panels are now being used in a variety of ways.

Buildings of all sizes and functions are now incorporating them into their design. Residential solar panels are common in neighborhoods. But houses aren’t the only things benefiting. Far from it.Look closely, and you’ll see them in use at every turn.

Indeed, solar panels are becoming steadily more present in daily life.

Think about those solar lights that line your garden path at night. Or your portable solar phone charger you never leave the home without. Likewise, solar heated water and solar ventilation are increasingly seen. Solar powered transportation is now around the corner too!

As you can see, these sun-harnessing panels are now prevalent parts of society. Think back to just ten years ago. There’s no way we’d have seen such an array of solar panels around.

5. Cheaper Power for Everyone

It’s rare to find any pleasure in paying your utilities.

Simply, energy is expensive.

But solar panels are changing that for households around the world. The installation of these panels, and the use of the sun for power, greatly reduces those pesky energy bills. You can see bills drops by hundreds and thousands of dollars each year.

Sure, it depends on how much sun you get. However, almost everyone stands to gain in the financial department from solar power.

Installing remains somewhat expensive. But costs are coming down all the time. Production costs of solar panels are now a fraction of what they once were. Equally, it’s a worthy investment. Once they’re in place,there’s only routine maintenance to think about.

Then it’s all savings. Panels pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

6. Power to the People

There’s a major disparity between the energy consumption of different countries.

Indeed, there are still 1 billion people around the world who don’t have any access to power. Just think about that. In a 21st Century world, the fact that a billion people are off grid and don’t have any power at allis downright shocking.

It means no internet, no refrigerators, no computers, no television, no microwaves, no household lighting, the list goes on. The basics we take for granted are out of reach for so many.

Likewise, the west has had its industrial revolution. We’ve already benefited from massive fossil fuel usage. It’s driven our world for the last 200years. Now, at a crisis point in our climate, third-world countries are being told they aren’t allowed to utilize their resources in the same way.

These countries may be resource rich, but face international condemnation if they follow the example we’ve set in the west. How else can they pull themselves out of poverty to become a wealthier nation?

Solar panels provide power to people who have traditionally lacked it. Indeed, usual national grid systems struggle to reach smaller, remote communities. Bigger cities are the priority where resources are stretched. Solar panels suffer no restriction.

With the use of solar, more people will be able to access power than ever before.

7. Developing Solar Technology

Humans are good at finding solutions to problems.

The rise in interest in solar energy is sparking a revolution inits technology. There’s a snowball effect. As demand for solar panels increases and investment in them increases,more and more effort is put into finding solutions to ongoing problems.

Demand (and the potential for financial reward) sparks innovation. For example, solar film serves the same purpose as panels.

However, you simply print it and roll it out. That saves time,energy and resource versus the usual process of manufacturing. It’s cheaper, more practical, and increasingly efficient.

8. Tax Breaks

Governments are actively trying to encourage the use of solar panels.

In the US, that’s come in the form of a hefty tax break.

It’s known as the federal solar tax credit,or investment tax credit (ITC). Essentially, you install your solar panels, then get to take 30% of the costs involved from your federal taxes. You can save thousands of dollars if you do so!

Your system doesn’t even need to be operational. Complete the installation and start claiming the ITC immediately after.

9. Business Interest and Job Creation

There’s nothing like a tax break to get a business interested.

We’ve already noted how solar is seeing hefty investment across the US and other parts of the world.

Companies want a piece of this growing industry. That’s good news. There’s now a marketplace for solar energy. Businesses are investing heavily in the technology and production of panels. The costs of solar panel swill come down accordingly.

Another positive is the ensuing creation of jobs. Higher demand for panels means more people required to make and install them.Houses, communities, and large-scale projects all need workers.

Time to Wrap Up

There you have it: 9 ways the world is changing thanks to solar power!

The time has come for a massive shift in our use of resources.Traditional natural resources are running low and continue to have a vast, negative impact on the environment. Thankfully,we’re starting to take positive steps to tackle the problem.

Alternative sources of power are being sought and developed awe speak. Solar power is one form of particular note. Solar panels are actively changing the world.

Hopefully, the information above has highlighted how!

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