9 Signs That You Need A Bug Exterminator

Considering calling an exterminator? Check out our top 9 signs that you should call an exterminator for your home as soon as possible.

We do our best to keep our homes clean.

But you can’t control everything. Sometimes you have problems with pests.

If you let an infestation get out of control, then it can cost you a lot of money.

Take termites, for instance. Every year termites cause billions of dollars of damages in the United States alone.

So how do you know when it’s time to call someone for help? Our post will teach you a few of the signs of infestation.

Keep reading to learn about nine of the signs you need to watch for to know that you need to call an exterminator.

1. Strange Smells

Your house shouldn’t stink. If you find weird smells coming from areas that you wouldn’t normally expect, it could be a sign of pests.

When rats come and go, they will pee everywhere. They leave a pungent odor wherever they go.

Other smells can be nutty and oily. This smell is a sign of roaches. If you can smell this, then it is a sign of a severe roast infestation.

Other smells can indicate you have dead pests somewhere. If you have an odor coming from inside your wall, then that’s a sign that you have dead rodents there you need to remove.

2. More Spiders Than Usual

When you think of spiders, you don’t usually think of infestations. Spiders are something you expect to deal with in your home.

But when you see more than usual, that can be a sign of a more significant spider population.

Make sure you inspect the darker and less commonly used areas of your home. Spiders like to nest in dark areas. If they hatch any eggs there, the problem can get out of hand quickly.

Spider problems also aren’t limited to indoors. Make sure you watch areas outside your house for spiderwebs.

It’s easier to catch insects for food outdoors. This ease of access leads to some spiders making their homes outside.

3. Bites on Your Skin

Bed bugs are starting to become problematic in urban areas. They cause issues because they spread and infect other homes.

Bed bugs are hard to spot because they are nocturnal. If you try to find them during the day in the light, you probably won’t find anything.

But you can see them when they are active. Make sure to inspect your bed more thoroughly to see if you can find any.

If you don’t find any but still believe you have bed bugs, call a company like Western Exterminator to handle the problem.

4. Mud Tubes on Your Home’s Foundation

Termites travel to different locations through the use of mud tubes. They are the first thing to look for when you think you might have a termite infestation.

To look for signs of these tubes, you must do a robust inspection of your home foundation, block wall, and support structures.

These tubes don’t cause damage on their own but will allow termites to go anywhere in your home without problems.

If you want to cut off access to termites, remove their mode of travel.

5. Listen for Crickets

While crickets aren’t harmful to the structure of your harm, they can be a nuisance.

Crickets are nocturnal, so you can expect them to be active in your home at night. If you have a cricket infestation, you can plan on hearing them through the night.

Crickets won’t damage the structure of your home like termites, but they will do damage to fabrics.

6. Evidence of Nesting

Rodents aren’t picky about where they make their nests. They use any resource that’s available to them.

They will make use of paper, grass, leaves, and anything else they can move to form a nest.

If you think you have a rodent problem, then you will need to look for potential nesting spots. Some breeds of rodents will nest in high places like attics. Others will burrow, so you will need to look for them on the ground level.

7. Grease Marks and Trails

When rodents run across the floor, it’s hard for them not to leave a trail behind. Their tails are greasy, so they can leave grease trails behind when they run back and forth on the floor.

Rats tend to use the same path, so the grease will build up and be easier to spot.

You might not find these trails in the middle of the room. Rodents tend to like running next to the wall. Watch these areas for trails so you can verify that you have a rodent problem.

8. Damaged Plants

If you have any kind of greenery outdoors, they can suffer if you have an infestation.

Outdoor plants are susceptible to moles, crickets, chinch bugs, flies, and other pests.

Watch for the following changes when looking for pests outdoors:

  • Gnawing on plant leaves
  • Large areas of grass that are dead or damaged
  • Uneven grass
  • Holes throughout your yard

An unchecked outdoor infestation can cause damage to your yard that can take a long time to repair.

Moles are one more the more serious problems. They burrow through your yard and make holes. This causes your yard to become uneven and creates a fall hazard.

9. Weak Floors and Cracking Walls

Once termites get into your home and build their mud tubes, it’s easy for them to get through your whole house.

When this happens, your whole house is susceptible to termite damage. They will tear through your wood and cause damage to your floors and walls.

Cracking walls are easy enough to spot, but the floor is a little more tricky.

When you walk on your floor, you might find that it becomes saggy and springy. Other floor signs to look for is bulging. Each of these problems happens when your woodwork is damaged.

Call an Exterminator Today

Don’t ignore the signs of pests. It might not seem worthwhile to pay for an exterminator, but letting problems go for too long can cost you much more in the long run.

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