Technological growth means that a lot of things get increasingly popular and common. One of such things is Podcasts. The 2014 podcasting hit Serial ensured that podcasts are now a thing. Anyone who owns a microphone and a mixing desk can now create their own podcasts.

With this increased exposure to numerous podcast options, sometimes it is quite overwhelming choosing which ones to listen to.

This article helps out by providing a guide to some of the most awesome podcasts to listen to.

About Race with Reni

This podcast is created by Reni Eddo-Lodge, author of the best-seller, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race. It expands on some of the conversations started in and through the book. It explores Britain’s past and present, dwelling on race through themes like the British empire system, politics of identity, feminism, politics of skin colour and law enforcement. This podcast features personalities like Owen Jones, Diane Abbott, Laurie Penny, Billy Bragg and Meera Syal.

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People

In this weekly podcast by Chris Gethard, the phone line is opened to an anonymous caller who is not to hang up despite the subject being discussed. The podcast offers a lot of shocking confessions and amazingly beautiful conversations.

The Adam Buxton Podcast

This podcast created by Comedian Adam Buxton is great for brightening gloomy days. In this podcast, the host chats with people like Louis Theroux, Zadie Smith and Adam Curtis, interesting players in the entertainment industry.

How Did This Get Made?

Some movies are so horrible one just wants to find out how they were made. This podcast explores this issue. The hosts, Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphel and Jason Mantzoukas discuss and comment on terrible movies with their friends and sufficiently offer accurate synopsis of the most awful movies.

The Dollop

Many people will give anything to learn history in a not boring way. The Dollop hosted weekly by Gareth Reynolds and Dave Anthony proffers an answer to this need. Each episode explores a lesson in American history in an absolutely fun way.

The Tip Off

This podcast hosted by Maeve McClenaghan offers a vantage view into the world of investigative journalism and journalism in general. In this weekly podcast, journalists are asked to explain how they got the leads for their biggest stories.


Beyond reading news stories and keeping up with news channels, having access to extra insight is not a bad idea. Embedded focuses on complex stories and tries to unravel the other stories behind these stories through paying in-depth attention to what is going on. The podcast tells some of the most important factual stories using a mixture of interviews and narrations.

How I Built This

One way to grow and sustain a brand is by learning from those who have successful companies. This NPR podcast hosted by Guy Raz tells the story of brands like Instagram and Starbucks in their creators’ words.

Have fun listening and learning.