Anyone with strong and healthy hair knows that taking care of it is not simple. With busy schedules, very few people have time to visit a hair professional for the appropriate treatments that their hair needs. As a result, there is an increasing preference for DIY maintenance because of its convenience and ability to allow you to save both time and money. A part of DIY hair maintenance means having to blow dry your own hair which is why learning how to do it right can be the secret to shiny and healthy hair. Discussed below are 7 important tips for blow drying hair that should be practiced on a daily basis to guarantee great hair throughout the day.

Buy the Right Hair Dryer

You might be the best stylist under the sun, but if your hair dryer doesn’t fit the task at hand, then the outcome will be far from optimal. You must arm yourself with the right tools if you are to enjoy the experience and love the results. There are many types of blow dryers on the market today. Some people will go for reputable brands such as Air Iron while others prefer products seen on TV or those recommended by their friends. Practicality and the ability to dry your hair without hurting your scalp should be a major determinant when shopping for a hair dryer today. A quick Google search will bring up thousands of results. Take your time, read reviews, compare prices, and buy a product that will guarantee you value for your money.

While it is not easy to find the best hair dryer for every type of hair, you should consider its power capacity first which varies widely per brand. Ideally, go for a dryer with a power capacity of not less than 1,800 watts, and one with customizable air and heat settings. There are times you will need medium heat especially during pre-drying and of course high heat for the perfect finish.

Keep Your Hair Clean

Cleaning your hair can be a tedious process for many people. While it is not really necessary to wash your hair daily, you must give it a thorough wash regularly. The scalp needs to be clean and fresh all the time. For thick hair, you should remember to use a superior quality hair conditioner and shampoo when washing. These are important as they guard the hair against damage when drying, styling or simply straightening it. It is also important to note that you should use products based on the season; those that work best in summer may not be as useful during winter. If your focus is the volume, then find specialized products specially formulated for this function.

Towel-Dry First

Most people often ignore critical tips for blow drying hair, even though these can permanently affect the health of your hair. You just don’t jump from the shower and immediately start to blow dry your hair. You might be late for work or have kids to take care of, but it is always recommended that you first gently dry your hair using a towel. Avoid rubbing the hair with the towel as that could result in additional frizz, which is not a good thing. Instead, wrap the towel on your head after taking a shower for about 5 to 10 minutes. If you are in a rush to get ready, this gives you time to do other things such as applying makeup, steaming your clothes, fixing breakfast, making the bed, or even sending a few emails. Whatever you do, however, don’t force hot air onto wet hair.

Brushing Matters

The way you brush your hair is equally important. Obviously, an important part of brushing involves the type of brush you use. Brushes come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. The kind of brush will be determined by the length and texture of your hair, among other things. Using the right brush will help speed up drying. If you have no idea which brushes to use, talk to your stylist. Some will recommend round and soft bristles while others prefer larger bristles. Brushes are generally cheap, so there is no reason you should compromise on their quality.

Be Strategic

Blow drying your hair is an art in itself. Some people don’t know how to use hair dryers, and even if they do, they often dry in such a rush that they can’t complete the process properly. If you know you will not have time to dry your hair adequately, use a good shower cap when hitting the shower and save cleaning and drying for another time. If you do have enough time to dry, start by clipping the middle hair together and then gently dry the lower part. Use the brush to pull the hair tightly but gently as you use the dryer to get rid of the moisture. Keep doing this until every section is 100% dry. This approach helps dry the lower part of your hair which can be difficult for many people. Feel free to use root spray as you work on the hair. Handling a dryer can cause burns and other types of minor injuries, so be careful when drying your hair even with these tips.

Start from the Roots

Always starting from the roots, move the hairbrush and the dryer jointly towards the shafts of the hair. You should focus on pushing the flow of air towards the hair tips as this enables the cuticles of the hair to lie flat and appear shiny and smooth when done. The root spray will help protect your hair from falling out and will help you achieve the best results when blow drying your hair.

A Blast of Cold Air is Good

After you have successfully dried the entire head of hair, it is recommended that you blast some cold air into the hair. This is one of the most important tips for blow drying hair as it is believed that this will not only keep the hair shiny but will also close any gaping hair follicles that might have been caused by the hair dryer.