Your real estate sale game can change drastically when you use one of these web tools for real estate agents.

Real estate agents are in charge of juggling many responsibilities at once. They have to update social media, manage marketing, generate leads, respond to emails and calls, coordinate meetings, plan showings, and more.

Thankfully, software has been designed to make the workdays of real estate agents easier. Check out these web tools for real estate agents.

1. Website Builders

Having a website is essential for a real estate agent. They need a place where potential home buyers or sellers can learn more about your business and contact you.

These websites have property listings visitors can search through. People can see the properties the agent has sold. Agents can also include testimonials to boost their credibility.

To keep visitors on your website, you need a good website builder. The top three website builders are Wix, Weebly, and WordPress.

Wix offers a wide range of site templates, 10 of which are specifically for real estate websites. They include booking forms, contact forms, and maps. Add more useful features to your site through the Wix App Market.

While there is no official IDK/MLS integration on Wix, there is one on Weebly. There aren’t as many templates as on Wix, and there are none for real estate sites. Still, Weebly has templates that can create a professional real estate website.

Weebly will guide you if you don’t understand SEO. Your site needs a high search ranking so people can find it. The premium plan comes with apps that focus on SEO.

WordPress has a large variety of templates and an easy-to-use editor. There are many helpful plugins, such as Showcase IDX.

2. Showcase IDX

This WordPress plugin makes it easy to turn your site into one for real estate. It allows customers to search through MLS listings. You don’t need to worry about them missing new listings – MLS updates are checked for every 15 minutes.

Visitors can invite others who are looking for a home, which can significantly increase your leads. They can subscribe for listing updates.

They have a variety of advanced search and sorting options. Clients can save searches so they can quickly find them later.

You can add featured listings and use shortcodes to embed IDX. Showcase IDX allows for more than one MLS, meaning visitors get to see more listings. The plugin also includes CRM tools.

View examples of real estate websites that use Showcase IDX.

3. Lead Generation Software

Gaining new clients is the key to keeping your business running. Lead generation software and services help real estate agents find leads.

Zurple tracks the browsing activity of your site’s visitors. By monitoring what kinds of properties a person searches for and looks at, Zurple can build a user profile. The service will send automated emails to people according to the information in their profile.

These emails may show users updates on listings that match their profile or brand new listings. Zurple may also ask a user if they want to make an appointment.

Zillow has lead generation software called Zillow Premier Agent. For free, real estate agents can put up new listings on the website and claim ones that are from their MLS.

Your name and contact information will appear on the listings page. Each listing can have up to four agents on the page, meaning there’s still some competition.

Zillow Premier Agents only have their name on the listings they upload. They have a better chance of being contacted by an interested visitor.

4. Paperwork Management

Paperwork can be a pain, especially if the client and agent live far from each other. Luckily, some websites make uploading, sending, and filling out paperwork easy.

Dotloop manages online transactions. You can create the paperwork right on the platform using one of their templates, or you can upload it from your computer.

Share forms with clients and get their signatures without needing to meet up. Dotloop also stores all uploaded and signed documents, so you can access them from wherever.

5. Communication Software

Whether it’s converting a new lead or talking to a colleague, real estate agents have to manage multiple relationships. Communication software helps agents speak with many people.

Slack is like an online chatroom for coworkers. Agents have the option of creating additional groups for specific conversations and sending messages directly to a coworker.

The platform offers many tools that come from integrated apps. This includes social media sites and Google Drive. You can easily communicate and share information with your colleagues using Slack.

Structurally is great for agents who are booked with clients or have a lot of leads contacting them. Rather than you having to reply to every lead who messages you, Aisa Holmes will take care of it. Aisa is a chatbot who will talk to the lead and ask questions until it’s the right time to make an appointment.

An agent can stop Aisa whenever and finish the conversation. Packages are priced from $179 to $499 a month.

6. Video and Design Software

To attract clients, real estate agents must have appealing marketing. They need to use professional-looking graphics and put together quality videos.

Canva is a website for creating marketing designs. There are various layouts, images, graphics, and fonts to mix and match until you achieve professional marketing collateral. If there’s an image or graphic you want to use, you can import them into Canva.

The site has templates for real estate agents, such as real estate flyers, social graphics, and brochures.

Animoto and Videolicious are video editing applications. In Animoto, you can upload video clips and put them together to make one video. There are pre-built storyboards for different video types and a library of music to choose from.

Videolicious lets you bring multiple video clips together like Animoto. You can also add a logo or watermark. Video-editing software that’s easy to use is helpful for home walk-through videos.

7. Lead Management Software

Streak for Gmail and Accompany for Gmail and Outlook are tools that aid with lead management.

Streak divides your Gmail into groups with colorful headings that range from your leads to those you’re closing a deal with. When you get an incoming email, you know what part of the process you and that person are at. There are custom templates and headers.

Accompany complies information from the internet about people who email you. You’ll know their social media accounts, any recent news about them, and past appointments or emails with them.

Use These Web Tools for Real Estate Agents

These ten types of web tools for real estate agents will make the hectic life of agents more manageable. They’ll be able to keep track of and actively work with clients, as well as bring in new leads.

Take advantage of technology and consider using the above software and services for lead generation and management, organization, communication, and more.