Deep cleaning can be a strenuous task. Here are a few tips on how to deep clean your house successfully.

The average person spends about six hours per week cleaning their home. So where does that leave the rest of us?

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen your bedroom floor, it might be time for a deep clean.

While deep cleaning can be a pain, learning how to deep clean your house effectively can help you save time and energy.

Keep reading for seven easy tips that’ll make your cleaning a Febreze.

1. Come up with a Plan of Attack

A general wouldn’t go into war without a well-crafted battle plan. And in your war on dirt and grime, you shouldn’t be any different.

Take a piece of paper and make a list of all the tasks that need completing in each room.

It’ll seem like a lot at first, but the act of physically writing out and checking off tasks is psychologically proven to increase productivity and mood.

2. Tackle a Little at a Time

The best way to avoid having to deep clean your home is to not let it get messy in the first place. Yes, that seems like one of the most obvious housekeeping tips ever written.

It might even seem like it’s not that cut and dry.

But, if you commit to picking up a little each day, you’ll soon find that you won’t ever lose an entire weekend to deep cleaning again.

Cleaning your house might not be fun. However, if you do so in small increments, it’s a lot more manageable.

3. Choose the Right Tools for the Job

That bottle of multi-surface cleaner may seem like the only product you’ll need to scrub your home. But before you go all John Wick on those dirty toilets, you may want to put down the paper towels.

Certain areas of our homes acquire different levels of dirt, dust, and bacteria. Therefore, they need different types of cleaning supplies.

So while it may seem as though a bottle of tile cleaner and a bottle of Windex are more or less the same, different chemicals may actually come in handy.

4. Scout Problem Areas

Is there anything worse than thinking you’ve finished cleaning a room only to see a spot you completely missed?

To avoid losing that hard-earned sense of accomplishment, scope out each room ahead of time. Look for hard to reach areas or little nooks that may prove difficult to reach.

Clean these areas first.

5. Tackle the Hardest Tasks First

We all have that one room that we hate cleaning. The sooner you get it over with, the sooner you can get back to relaxing on the couch.

Start with the hardest task first. When you’re finished, you’ll have a sense of pride and momentum that’ll make it easier to keep cleaning.

6. Make It Fun

Cleaning and fun don’t go together, we know. But, hey, if you’re going to work hard, you should at least get to enjoy yourself in the process.

Do something special for yourself while you clean. Play your favorite music or pour yourself a glass of wine.

7. Learn to Let Go

Being surrounded by your favorite things is a great feeling. Being surrounded by piles of your favorite things, on the other hand, is a surefire way to end up on “Hoarders”.

As you’re cleaning your home, look for things you no longer need. As Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal points out, hiring someone to haul away your junk is easier and more affordable than trashing it yourself.

Plus, you can donate some of your old clothes, games, books, and more to people who would really love them.

How to Deep Clean Your House

Cleaning will never be the most enjoyable task in the world. But now that you know how to deep clean your house in a faster and easier way, at least it won’t take up a whole lot of your time.

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