Did you know that 73% of weddings take place in the late spring to early fall months of May through October? Generally, this time of year provides exceptional weather conditions for brides and grooms, who choose to hold an outdoor ceremony, reception, or both. Lovely weather adds to the spirit of enthusiasm, hope, and joy for special, celebratory events.

Over the past decade, and more, weddings have changed dramatically. They have become more personality-driven, with increased customization, and less focus on tradition, and formality. The age of social media has provided couples with the opportunity to ‘show off’ their individual styles, as well as, customizing their guests’ experiences, for everyone involved to walk away with a strong sense of inclusion.

With so much more focus placed on the experience, rather than predictable, step-by-step tradition, what then, are the best wedding gifts that you can give the happy couple, which will compliment this progressive approach?

Give them What They Really Want

  1. A customizable Visa Gift Card Giving the gift of cash will never go out of style. You can also feel good in knowing that when given the choice, most newlyweds opt for money, over any other gift. While some people might scoff at stuffing cash, or a signed check, inside a card, the perfect way to incorporate personality, and the gift of cash, is by presenting them with a personalized Visa Gift Card. Make the card a keepsake, with a favorite photo of the couple, or a special memory that you share with each other. It is also possible to add a personal note, to the customizable card, for added meaning, and sentimental value.
  2. Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser – Now, more than ever, people are in need of relaxation. With 75% of all emotions elicited solely by scent, there’s no better way to turn the newlywed’s home into their own personal, tranquil retreat. After a long day at work, they can return to their safe place, filled with scents such as cinnamon, lavender, lemon, and jasmine. Add on one, or two other relaxation items, like a foot spa massager, or noise cancelling headphones for listening to music, and you have helped them create their own splendid sanctuary.
  1. A UV Phone Sanitizer – Everyone uses items such as cell phones, tablets, and iPads. What you often tend not to think about is the fact that these items, too, can become contaminated with germs. The phone sanitizer works on tablets, remote controls, and similar electronic items. The perfect gift for today’s health-conscious bride and groom, is a device which offers germ-free-ness.
  1. Monthly Wine Subscription – What is great about a monthly subscription is that the chosen gift products are delivered right to the recipients’ doorstep. If the couple enjoys wine, choosing a wine subscription will allow them to customize their wine choices, according to their personal tastes. They can keep track of the wines they like, and look forward to the new delivery, every month, with a quick toast to you, every time they open a bottle.
  1.  A Smart Garden – Especially convenient for couple’s that lack outdoor gardening space, a Smart Garden gift provides everything needed to grow herbs, right inside your home. It supplies the nutrients, designates the proper amount of light, and water, provides biodegradable plant pods, and offers instructions to make this gift especially unique, so the bride and groom can have a little green space which thrives within their new shared space.
  1. Smart Digital Photo Frame – Available in a number of different sizes, price points, and brands, a smart, digital photo frame offers the endless rotation of this couples favorite pictures, displayed in an attractive frame of your choosing. Many frames also offer the ability to share pictures with friends, and family, remotely, to foster a sense of bonding and togetherness.
  1. “Date Night In” Cookbook – Part cookbook, part relationship management, this cookbook is intended to maintain the couple’s spark of affection by using the art of cooking as an exercise in flirtation, and deep connection. From searing steaks over high heat, to falling in love with each other, all over again, via delicate aromas, and subtle differences in flavors; this cookbook honors the couple, by celebrating the joys of cooking and closeness.

While weddings, receptions, and the experience as a whole, might be steadily changing, there are a few elements that will always remain constant: the love the couple feels for one another, and the importance of a thoughtful gift, given as a means of celebrating their love. Taking some time to put your own personality into that gift, will mean the world to them, as they start out on their new, exciting journey.